What you'll find here is a cross between fluffy expansion on the settings that I enjoy and the crunchy mechanics of the various rule systems. Game mechanics will cover anything from classes, races, feats, and/or skills. Check how an article is tagged to see if it's for the system you're looking for. It might not be, but can hopefully be adapted easily.

An Iron Kingdoms translation for Savage Worlds.

A first version of this translation is now available. This is a living document and will be updated periodically and we're adding other elements to the game. Feedback is accepted through the Savage Worlds Mastodon community or you can find us on Discord.

An Old Republic Era Star Wars translation for Savage Worlds.

The following is a minimalist ruleset for running Star Wars using the Savage Worlds core rules.

The Duelists of New Babylon are identified with extraordinary psychic ability at an early age during their tutelage. They leave their families to be raised within the House of the Sword to perfect their swordsmanship with physical and psychic blades. Duelists are the elite operatives defending New Babylon, leading surgical strikes and running intelligence operations. It is rumored that the House of the Sword also hires Duelists out as mercenary operatives to outside interests, such as other Houses or governments.

I've been tinkering with some ideas for Fantasy AGE from Green Ronin. Overall, I'm a fan of the play mechanics, though the organization of the core rulebook leaves much to be desired. It's not secret that I not a fan of the Palladium mechanics. I am, however, a big fan of their settings. Say what you want about the man's game design, Kevin Siembieda is a great wordsmith and has always come up with great settings. I'm a big fan of Rifts as a setting, but Savage Rifts for actually being able to play, Nightbane (which I think can be handled with Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion or M&M equally well), and Palladium Fantasy. The Fantasy setting is what I'm going to be dealing with in some upcoming articles here. It's pretty vanilla fantasy, when it comes to the high-adventure, magic, monsters, and mayhem we're all accustomed to, but it still suffers under Palladium's mechanics. So, I started tinkering with the races to use the setting with Fantasy AGE. The first two I present here (their gnomes are vastly different from the typical D&D gnome you find in the current AGE core rules, which is why I've included them here). Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

These beings appear to be made of sculpted stone, but their flesh elasticity, size and proportions are similar to humans. Most Amaki live in a small kingdom in South America known as New Babylon, but their operatives, particularly the lethal and capable Duelist, can be found elsewhere, working as mercenaries, spies, or adventurers.