Savage Borderlands

A Borderlands & Beyond translation for Savage Worlds.

Venture into the borderlands at the edge of the civilized Iron Kingdoms in search of risk and opportunity. Explore the wild regions where strange creatures, unseen for centuries, stir and ancient prophecies unfold. Only those skilled in the art of survival in these harsh environs (and the extremely lucky) will rise and those unprepared for the dangers will be lost to the dark.

This is a living document and will be updated periodically and we're adding other elements to the game. Feedback is accepted through the Savage Worlds Mastodon community or you can find us on Discord.

1.0.3 - Savage Borderlands

Updated: Trader archetype; fixed incorrect Toughness

1.0.2 - Savage Borderlands

Change: Allow Arcane Background (Necromancer) to satisfy requirements for Warlock Resonance

1.0.1 - Savage Borderlands

Fix: Missing Edge on Bone Grinder archetype

Fix: Shaman (Pygmy Troll) stat block advances not applied

Fix: Missing Edge on Trader archetype

1.0 - Savage Borderlands & Savage Borderlands Bestiary

Initial release


Savage Requiem

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