Where to Find Me

If you're here, you found me through one of my community contributions, be it linked somewhere or just by virtue of it showing up in your online search results. Regardless of how you made your way here, welcome! If you have feedback or questions about something I've created, here are all the places you can find me online. 

If it's Discord and not a direct message, make sure you "@" me or I might not see the notification.

-- Peter

Online Communities



The Savage Worlds subreddit is a great community for discussing the Savage Worlds game system by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. I'm one of the moderators there and there are always plenty of opportunities to chat about published and homebrew settings or get your questions about the system answered.

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If you're looking for a smaller Mastodon instance dedicated to Savage Worlds (vs all TTRPGs and largely dominated by that "other" RPG), check it out! I share and interact with the community here - you won't find me on Facebook. See you in the fediverse!

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I do my best to help support the Savage Worlds community on Foundry by answer questions and providing feedback where I can on the system and content modules. If you use Foundry to play Savage Worlds, you should also check out my Patreon.

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I recently launched a Patreon to support my Foundry VTT premium modules. If you're interested in deeper immersion while playing Savage Worlds on Foundry or a different character sheet than what is offered by the core system or premium modules, consider supporting me!

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Dice Age Discord


My favorite local game shop (FLGS) is Dice Age Games. I explored a few options after first moving to Washington and found this one to be the most welcoming. If you are ever in town, stop in! They have a great selection of board games and TTRPGs.

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