About Me

This site has been around a VERY long time and has been through a few incarnations. It all started back when I was a young college upstart. In middle school, I had discovered Palladium Books and a love for the Rifts RPG. I played the loyal fan boy for a while, then grew out of it. First I tried other games, coming back to Rifts because I enjoyed the setting so much. I tried converting things to another system, but in the end I always came back to Rifts. I even told myself the mechanics didn't matter that much (and they shouldn't), but came to realize they also shouldn't get in the way of having fun.

I broke away from Rifts and found games however I could, dabbling in Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Fantasy AGE, and a whole mess of d20 games (my favorite, by a long shot being Savage Worlds). Most recently, I backed the Breachworld kickstarter by a long-time Facebook connection (yep - still haven't met him in person) and fell in love with Mini6. It's the grandchild of the D6 system (you know, the one the original Star Wars RPG by West End Games ran on?) and is so simple, it's almost silly, but it makes things so easy to put together a game and play that even I, now an overworked business owner, could find time to dabble in.

I've had tons of ideas swimming around my noggin the last few years and I'm dying to let them out, hence the site upgrade. Now that I've got a real content management system in place, I hope to resurrect some of the activity on this site and unleash the inner writer. Many of these creations come through the games I'm playing regularly, which, since the Kickstarter was announced, has been Savage Rifts. As others creep in to my life and my group wants to branch out, I'm sure we'll add more. I'm looking forward to more for Breachworld and Savage Rifts Wave 2.

About the Site's Creator

I was born in California, grew up in Colorado, went to college in Kansas, lived in Tennessee for a few years and have since moved back west, making my home in southwest Washington. My family has followed which has been great and now I'm just trying to get by and enjoy life with my wife, daughter, and our family dog.

In addition to gaming, I'm an avid photographer and reader. I love to mountain bike and go rock climbing. There's a great many TV shows that I've loved over the years (Dark Angel, Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and others) and movies. None of that compares, though, to my interest in music. I don't have a bone of musical talent in my body, but in another life I probably could have made a kick ass DJ. In this life, however, I make due as a software developer, mobile enthusiast, and geek. I've even added motorcyclist and entrepreneur to my list of adjectives.