What follows are simple Hook/Line/Sinker adventures, complete campaign story arcs, or minimal nuggets that have popped into my head as the result of some player action. Some I have used, others I never got around to, but all could serve as some inspiration for your own campaigns.

Adventure Locations are serial posts which use photographs of real locations as the inspiration for a short adventure seed. Most locations will be system agnostic, however specific settings may be referenced. Our first location is a remote mountain valley.

Challenges will present a scenario that can be used in most any context. This is the first in a series intended to make overland travel a bit more interesting that just getting from point A to point B. Each challenge will include a brief setup of the events, the appropriate genres (if any), and some sample methods of resolution for two or three systems.

While going through a slew of old notes, I came across this gem. Apparently, at some point, I considered using GURPS to run a Phase World campaign. Clearly that never made it off the ground, but here's the story arcs I was developing for that campaign. Perhaps you can find a use for them

I've been road tripping for the past week, riding my motorcycle up from the Southwest to the Pacific Northwest. Over the almost 1900 miles, I went through plenty of wilderness and parks and I was struck with an interesting idea for a campaign. I'm going to start this out with some basic ideas and directions to go on, but I really want to flesh out some of the factions in the future.

Originally intended as the beginning of a “legacy” campaign for Dragonstar, I started running through some aspects of this campaign in Of Darkness & Light and staged the invasion of Scarn by one of the Dragon houses. I felt it best to bring the characters up in levels (at least five, preferably higher) before introducing the Dragon Empire. My preparation involved a lot more, though, and I came up with several possible plots and based the overall campaign arc on the player's choices of characters. I'd enjoy running this campaign again and try to develop some of the additional plots herein. For now, if you're a Scarred Lands player (even if you're not), I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own campaigns.