Adventure Seeds

The following are very basic, undeveloped ideas that have crossed my mind for possible D&D 3rd Edition (3e) games. Should I ever actually start playing 3e, I'm sure I'll catch some flak from someone about this (if anyone knows what I need to include on my page to cover WotC copyright notices, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll add them), otherwise, just know that there is some stuff that is copyrighted by WotC and I don't own some terms (like Greyhawk). And without further ado, the adventure seeds...

Adventure Seed #1

Principality of Ulek: The players are hired to learn why Torrosh Mak, leader of the Pomarj Orcs, are so interested in the Suss Forest. (GM Note: Mak is searching for a lost Suel city which is supposed to be located here.) While performing carrying out this task for Prince Olinstaad of Ulek, the players learn of the Scarlet Brotherhood's dealings with the Pomarj. Should the players bring back proof, either physical evidence or an eyewitness report, of the Brotherhood's handiwork to Ulek, the players will be asked to "persuade" the Brotherhood's agent to leave or be replaced (assassinate or kill the agent outright) in an effort to disrupt the Brotherhood's operations.

I'm currently working on a way to incorporate rumors of Drow having been sighted in Highport, but haven't come up with anything. My vision for this particular seed is to take it to the point where the players are eventually asked to find the Scarlet Brotherhood's hidden city and assassinate their leader, probably on the premise of negotiation/diplomacy.

I'm not sure what the best characters to include in this adventure would be, but I figure at least one ranger or rogue (familiar with the Suss Forest and the Pomarj), a warrior, and some type of bred killer (secretly placed with the party and used to carry out the assassinations as necessary; could be a player, could be an NPC).