Secrets & Riddles

This campaign is set in Ustalav, a fog-shrouded land infested by all manner of horrific creatures. In Vieland, the northwestern-most county, a gray sky pelts the ground with a steady rain and a thick mist dulls the echo of footsteps on cobblestone avenues. Our story begins at the University of Lepidstadt, where a come-of-age orphan and a runaway are about to cross paths.

Cast of Characters

Serin: A young sorceror, orphaned and forced to live by his wits on the street, he became something of a con-artist and street magician before returning home after the death of his mentor in Lepidstadt.

Ivan: A young monk mentored by Professor Kirov, he was initiated into a secret order which began grooming him for great things. His fate, however, would be questioned when he is accused of the unthinkable.

Game Master Notes

Our story begins with Professor Pitr Kirov and his young charge attending the funeral of young Fillyp Asimov. It is there, he meets Serin, an old friend of Fillyp's. After the funeral, the professor requests they escort him to his home village for an annual festival. Tragedy strikes, and the professor murdered en route - the pair awakening from an induced slumber to a grisly scene. They are accused of the crime and forced on the run to clear their name.

The characters must learn why the professor was killed and clear their name, a journey which will take them deep into the swamps in the Lozeri borderlands and into the Dwarven territories in the foothills of the Tusk Mountains.