Adventure Seeds

While going through a slew of old notes, I came across this gem. Apparently, at some point, I considered using GURPS to run a Phase World campaign. Clearly that never made it off the ground, but here's the story arcs I was developing for that campaign. Perhaps you can find a use for them

Plot #1: Wanted - Sunshine

The players have been hired to do a delivery run to the Devron colony in the Icarus System (see p.31, Three Galaxies). The delivery run is medical supplies, primarily fresh blood that needs to be refrigerated and delivered as soon as possible.

When the players arrive in-system, they are not contacted by the colony, but an automated program allows them to land. On landing, the colony administrator welcomes them, though he appears pale and clammy (PER/Notice check to see his eyes briefly glow red in the dark hangar).

While the players deliver the cargo, their ship is sabotaged by one of the vampires. They have 9 hours of daylight to fix the ship.

Villains: Master Vampire (250 points; In vampire template, replace Unkillable with Supernatural Durability), Secondary Vampires (150 points; standard vampire template).

Plot #2: Stowaway

A vampire stowed away on the ship and is stalking the group.

Villains: Secondary vampire (150 points)

Prerequisites: scenario #1

Plot #3: The Wrong Hands

A group of pirates has hijacked a starship transporting TGE weapons and are holding its contents and crew for ransom. The CCW and TGE have both moved ships into the area; the CCW to blockade the ship and destroy it if necessary and the TGE to retake the ship. The player group has been tasked with blockading the pirates and ordered to destroy any ship on an interception course.

Villains: Pirates (6; 150 points ea).

Plot #4: Bad Passenger, no donut!

While transporting a group of anti-social passengers to a UWW star system, the players are intercepted by a UWW Iron Ship. The player group is accused of harboring fugitives and ordered to turn over the passengers. Unfortunately, about this time another ship appears on sensors and the passengers are gone. The passengers are actually members of the dark coven known as the Black Rogues (see p.74, Three Galaxies). The player group is ordered to aid in hunt or face criminal charges.