Adventure Locations: Remote Mountain Valley

Adventure Locations are serial posts which use photographs of real locations as the inspiration for a short adventure seed. Most locations will be system agnostic, however specific settings may be referenced. Our first location is a remote mountain valley.

The valley is untarnished by civilization and has perfect soil for farming. It's just waiting for an enterprising soul to build a homestead and and tame the land. When the player characters arrive, they're awestruck by the view of the valley, but something is out of place. There are no animal sounds and, aside from the wind whistling through the pine trees, there's very little sound at all.

The Hook: The players meet an aging gentleman who tells them about the valley, it's location, and that it's ripe for picking. If asked why he never settled it, he plays up his age and that he was just passing through. It's also possible the players simply happened upon the valley while traveling between bastions of civilization.

The Catch: The valley has yet to be settled because a dragon has claimed it as his territory. To stay fed, he tricks individuals or small groups of adventurers, settlers, and/or frontiersman into traveling to the valley, where he subsequently attacks them when they arrive. The old man who first tells the group about the valley might be the dragon in the guise of a human or it might be an evil humanoid the dragon collaborates with for a share of the spoils.

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