Mingling with the Enemy

This campaign is based off something I saw on the Internet some time ago. I've included the documents that the characters receive to get you started with the campaign. You'll also find the names and mini-bios of all the NPC villains and some information for an outcome. Enjoy...

To: Special Ops Team Alpha-3, 107th Marine Company
From: Military High Command
Re: Mission Briefing

Classification: Secret (Level 3 Clearance)

Welcome to Fort Pinnacle. Having shown exemplary talent in the academy, you have been specially selected for this mission, both for your loyalty and for your skills. Do not divulge this information to anyone without permission from your supervising officer, Admiral Beighn. This mission is requires the utmost haste, but also care.

You may have heard rumors, but nothing substantial. Many of them are true. Several hours ago, at approximately 0500, A mini-Submarine (an MK5 Shark Mini-Sub) was disabled on the continental shelf, near the mouth of the Missouri River, using depth charges. Your team must gain access to the submarine through the airlocks and terminate any hostiles you encounter. Attempt to capture one of the crew for interrogation then, following any interrogation, eliminate the crew member.

Time is of the essence as there is a recovery team en route from Atlantis. They will arrive within four hours. You must eliminate all hostiles, repair the ballast tanks, with the help of Ensign Healy of the 101st Engineering Corp, and force the mini-sub to the surface. You will be met by a towing barge and escort fleet in order to return safely to Fort Pinnacle with all cargo on board the submarine.

Primary Objectives

  • Gain access to Submarine
  • Eliminate all Hostiles
  • Repair Ballast Tanks and return sub to surface

Secondary Objectives

  • Interrogate crew members
  • Recover all cargo and ordnance on board submarine

When the players return to Fort Pinnacle, they will receive the following:

TO: Special Task Force, Dsg Omega-5
FROM: Military High Command
RE: Tolkeen

Classification: Top Secret

Intelligence reports indicate that Tolkeen has been in receipt of supplies originally manufactured in the New German Republic. This cannot continue. Your team is assigned to a special task force charged with locating the distributor. Your mission objectives are as follows (in order of priority):

Primary Objectives

  1. Discover the identity of the distributor
  2. Stop convoys from future shipments
    • The convoys must be stopped at the source, lest they continue.

Secondary Objectives

  1. Recover goods and escort their transport to Chi-Town
  2. Capture or eliminate the perpetrator

This mission is extremely dangerous and will only be assigned on a volunteer basis. This mission is also of vital importance in the war effort against Tolkeen and its inhuman allies. Use of any force necessary to stop supply lines and bring the perpetrator to the Coalition States.

During this mission, you will have set contact times. You will only contact your commander at these preset times and only on the preset, secure frequency. Once you have crossed into the Tolkeen Kingdom, the CS military will no longer be able to provide assistance, you will be on your own. Use of force and elimination of targets will be left to your own discretion. If you are captured, all knowledge of your mission and existence will be wiped out and denied by the Coalition High Command.

Remember that you do this to support your country and all of humankind. Should you fail, Tolkeen will have the technology and ability, as well as the willingness, to inflict greater casualties on your fellow troops. You must not fail.

Communication Windows
You are to make contact only at the following preset times to report on progress and/or request advisement:

    • 2200-2215 on 250905, Frequency Alpha-1
    • 0500-0515 on 270905, Frequency Gamma-3
    • 2200-2215 on 290905, Frequency Alpha-12
    • 2200-2215 on 011005, Frequency Zeta-6
    • 0500-0515 on 031005, Frequency Gamma-3

Should additional contact times be required, they will be assigned via radio communication on Frequency Gamma-3 at 0500 on 031005.

After completing this stage of the campaign, the players will need to escape Tolkeen and return to Chi-Town.

Upon returning to Chi-Town, the characters receive a couple days of R&R, after which, they are called into a review panel's office. The panel consists of Colonel Lyboc, General Underhill and the character's C.O. (probably a captain, at least). This is both a debriefing on their last mission (the panel has reviewed everything) and an unofficial briefing for a new one.

The reason this is unofficial is because if the NGR caught wind, all treaties and alliances the CS has with the Republic would be forfeit. The players are told that are to go to the NGR, under the guise of a diplomatic mission, to smooth over relations after the CS accused a prominent political family of smuggling arms to Tolkeen. This, of course, was based on the evidence the characters provided.

The players true mission is to stop the shipments. The only way to accomplish this is to find the smuggler's warehouses and transports. This will have to be done through a great deal of research and checking manifests of transport (land, sea and air) to determine when the weapons disappeared. Triax Industries is housed in Munich, this is where the weapon shipments will originate.

Shipments are transported by land to Heidelburg, then shipped via water transport up the Rhine to Bonn, Koln, and Dusseldorf. Somewhere on this line is when the crates disappeared. Since the smugglers have a compound about 50 km west of Bonn, that would be a safe guess, but any of the cities would work. Based on this, the players will have to raid and destroy the warehouses in this compound to complete the mission.

One thing the players will have to watch out for is leaving witnesses. If anyone comes forward and accuses the players of anything, then the CS will dismiss them as rebels and the players will no longer be able to return to the CS through official channels. If this happens, the players will be hunted throughout the Republic, their best bet for getting home lying in Tarnow. Whether the players return to the CS or feel they have been betrayed and forget about ever returning is up to them.

NPC Bios:

Johann Krieger, human, 56
9th level Rogue Scholar
minor psionics
Head of the Family
Danielle Krieger, human, 51
9th level Forger
Makes Contacts/Sells Goods
Alexandra Krieger, human, 28
5th level Smuggler
Transport of Goods
Jason Krieger, human, 27
5th level Intelligence Commando
Alexandra's Bodyguard/Chooses Routes
Nicholas Krieger, human, 24
4th level Psi-Slayer
Master Psychic
Alexandra's Bodyguard/Escort