The Hotel Eternal

Hook: The Hotel Eternal has had more than it's share of strange happenings after a guest stayed within it's walls. The Spook Squad has two agents inside already, but there's something fishy going on.

Line: The Spook Squad has decided to send in the player characters to investigate the strange happenings.

Sinker: The Spook Squad's original two operatives have been replaced by Dopplegangers. To further compound the problem, these two operatives are the same ones the players are supposed to report to. How long until the operation is discovered and the player group "fired"?

This is another one of those interesting ideas that could spawn into one or more full-fledged campaigns. The Hotel Eternal would still need to be shut down, but would the Spook Squad continue to associate with the players if the Nightlord knew who the players were and could use them to get to the Spook Squad? Would Spook Squad continue helping the players out and attempt a full-scale raid on the hotel? Lots of ideas with this one…