Savage Rifts: Woodland Druid Edges

The England of Rifts Earth is home to a number of ancient orders, including those who selflessly care for the woodland homes and Millennium Trees which grow in many of the old forests. These woodland druids are skilled with creating salves and potions from the bounty the forest has to offer.

While the Woodland Druids do not require a unique Iconic Framework, these Edges will assist in crafting a MARS Personal Concept character. Information on different salves and mystical iron works will be crafted in an upcoming post.

Professional Edges


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Healing d6+,  Knowledge (Herbalism) d8+
Herbalists are skilled apothecaries who understand and can unlock the secret properties found in a variety of plants.  

The character gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Herbalism) rolls as well as Survival and Notice rolls made specifically to forage for herbs.

Weird Edges

Mystic Herbalist

Requirements: Herbalist

The herbalist can channel natural energy into concoctions which can mimic many different powers. The power of the concoction depends on the herb used in the recipe.

Mystic Blacksmith

Requirements: Knowledge (smithing) d8+, Knowledge (arcana) d6+

The blacksmith channels latent magical energy to craft metal items with magical properties.