Savage Rifts: Tattoo Magic

Tattoo Magic is a special kind of magic with a special Arcane Background and some associated Edges. What follows is more information regarding the Arcane Background and additional Edges available only to arcane characters and Tattooed Men.

Iconic Edges

Tattoo Resilience

Requirements: Vigor d6+, 3+ Tattoo Powers, Special

Beings with a large number of Magic Tattoos gain extraordinary endurance and resistance to damage. Your character gains +2 Toughness. This edge may be taken more than once (no more than once per rank). Each time the bonuses stack.

Tattoo Master

Requirements: Tattooed Man, Tattoo Magic d10+, Veteran Rank

The use of mystic tattoos has become so ingrained in the character that they no longer need to physically touch a tattoo in order to activate the power.

Tattoo Focus

Requirements: Tattooed Man, Tattoo Magic d8+, Seasoned Rank

The character has spiritually connected with one of their mystic tattoos and may now activate it as a free action.

Power Edges

Arcane Background (Tattoo Magic)

Arcane Skill: Tattoo Magic (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 15
Starting Powers: 3

Tattoo magic is an ancient and well-kept secret known only to a few races throughout the Megaverse. Well some of those races have experimented (often in secret or simply out of malice), the magic has only been able to be imbued upon humans, True Atlanteans, ogres, and elves (to the detriment of the elves). Each tattoo is unique and grants a very specific power which may not be changed, however the same power may manifest in different ways from multiple tattoos.

Scarcity: It’s difficult to find someone who can craft a new magic tattoo. The New Power Edge may only be taken once per rank.


Requirements: Arcane Background, arcane skill d10+, Seasoned Rank

The character has learned to focus their willpower. They receive a +2 bonus to resist disruption of maintained powers when they receive damage.


Requirements: Arcane Background, arcane skill d10+, Seasoned Rank

The character has learned to manage multiple powers and they may maintain additional powers without affecting their future arcane skill rolls. Each time this Edge is taken (no more than once per rank), the character may maintain one power without penalty. For example, if a character has taken Multi-Tasker twice, they may maintain two powers and use their arcane skill roll without penalty. Maintaining a third power, would incur a -1 penalty.