Player Race: Amaki

These beings appear to be made of sculpted stone, but their flesh elasticity, size and proportions are similar to humans. Most Amaki live in a small kingdom in South America known as New Babylon, but their operatives, particularly the lethal and capable Duelist, can be found elsewhere, working as mercenaries, spies, or adventurers.

Amaki are naturally gray or black, but like to paint their skin everything from the color of human flesh to bright red. Most males have a growth from their chin similar in shape to a stylized beard of Assyrian or Babylonian statues. Despite this, they never encountered humans prior to arriving on Rifts Earth.

Racial Abilities

  • Stone Skin: Their skin is incredibly tough and difficult to pierce. Amake gain +2 Armor and +1 Toughness.
  • Low Light Vision: Amaki ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Resilient: All Amaki are resistant to damage from most sources. They take half damage from all sources.
  • Weakness (arcana): Any damage inflicted by an arcane background or power (including TW devices) inflicts full damage.
  • Distinctive D-bee: Amaki suffer −4 Charisma with CS citizens and individuals with pro-human views.