Palladium Fantasy AGE: Gnomes & Wolfen

I've been tinkering with some ideas for Fantasy AGE from Green Ronin. Overall, I'm a fan of the play mechanics, though the organization of the core rulebook leaves much to be desired. It's not secret that I not a fan of the Palladium mechanics. I am, however, a big fan of their settings. Say what…
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Player Race: Amaki

These beings appear to be made of sculpted stone, but their flesh elasticity, size and proportions are similar to humans. Most Amaki live in a small kingdom in South America known as New Babylon, but their operatives, particularly the lethal and capable Duelist, can be found elsewhere, working as…

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Monkey Boys (CS Mutant Apes)

Monkey boys are one result of secret genetic experimentation at the Lone Star Complex by Dr Desmond Bradford. There are three primary tracks for the research: spies, soldiers, and technicians. Each has unique characteristics and the resulting mutants are nearly as versatile as humans. Common…

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Savage Age of Shadow

Ancestries of Eredane

The ancestries of Eredane, updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and using Midnight: Legacy of Darkness as the source material. This includes all the ancestries and cultural variants previously presented for the Savage Age of Shadow.

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Savage Rifts: True Atlanteans

[UPDATED 8/20/2017] An ancient cousin to humans, Atlanteans have been transformed through centuries of mystic study and dimensional travel. Most are scholarly and generally peaceful, seeking to aid younger races in achieving enlightenment and combat forces of darkness. Mystical Heritage: All…