Monkey Boys (CS Mutant Apes)

Monkey boys are one result of secret genetic experimentation at the Lone Star Complex by Dr Desmond Bradford. There are three primary tracks for the research: spies, soldiers, and technicians. Each has unique characteristics and the resulting mutants are nearly as versatile as humans.

Common Abilities

  • Natural Climbers: All Monkey Boys retain the base animal’s natural climbing abilities and begins with d8 in Climbing.
  • Prehensile Feet: Monkey Boys can use their feet to the same effectiveness as they would their hands. This includes using weapons, computers, and any other task which requires manual dexterity.

Mini-Monkey Spy Abilities

  • Small: Mini-Monkeys were genetically engineered for spycraft and are able to fit into spaces many others cannot. They begin with the Small Hindrance.
  • Agile: Mini-Monkeys are much more agile than the other genetic pools. They begin with a d6 in Agility.

Monkey Boy Soldiers

  • Strong: Monkey Boys genetically engineered as soldiers are most commonly created from gorilla, orangutan, and other large ape stock. They are engineered to overpower their opponents and begin with a d6 in Strength.
  • Non-Standard Physiology: Monkey Boy soldiers have odd proportions and require customized armor.
  • Mean: Monkey Boy soldiers tend to be aggressive and have a hard time interacting outside of combat. This can be swapped for Distinctive D-Bee for characters that are free-born.

Monkey Boy Techs

  • Smart: Monkey Boys genetically engineered as technicians and scientists are most commonly created from chimpanzee stock. They are engineered to be as smart as their human counterparts and begin with a d6 Smarts.
  • Arrogant: Being engineered to be smart has also made it difficult to convince them when they’re wrong. They often view others with disdain and suffer a -2 Charisma in most social situations.
  • Pacifist: Monkey Boy techs avoid violence in all but life-and-death circumstances.
  • Technical: Monkey Boy techs begin with a d6 in one Knowledge skill of choice.