Savage Rifts: True Atlanteans

[UPDATED 8/20/2017] An ancient cousin to humans, Atlanteans have been transformed through centuries of mystic study and dimensional travel. Most are scholarly and generally peaceful, seeking to aid younger races in achieving enlightenment and combat forces of darkness.

  • Mystical Heritage: All Atlanteans bear two magical tattoos and possess 5 power points, regardless of their Arcane Background, which grant the following (powers are activated using a d4 or the Tattoo Magic skill, whichever is higher):
    • Magic Weapon Tattoo: Any melee or non-technical ranged weapon wielded by the bearer of this tattoo does Mega Damage.
    • Vampire Protection Tattoo: see new power description.
    • Atlantean characters may choose Edges that require the Ley Line Walker iconic framework
  • Outsider: Atlanteans are often aloof, condescending, or eccentric due to their widespread travels throughout the Megaverse. As a result, they receive a -2 Charisma penalty when dealing with the average citizen.
  • Racial Enemy (Minions of Splugorth): Supernatural entities known as the Splugorth have taken over the Atlantean homeland and the Atlanteans hate any and all of these creatures and their minions. The feeling is mutual. Atlanteans receive a -4 Charisma penalty when dealing with any Minion of Splugorth or Splugorth intelligence.
  • Racial Enemy (Vampires): Atlanteans go out of their way to fight the vampiric scourge wherever it is found. Atlanteans and Vampires must make a successful Spirit (willpower) test to avoid attacking one another on sight.
  • Sense Vampires: Atlanteans can sense the presence of vampires within their line of sight with a successful Notice. If masked by conceal arcana, the Atlantean makes this roll at -4.
  • Transform This!: Atlanteans are supernaturally resistant to powers and effects, even beneficial ones, that alter their physical form, including vampirism and lycanthropy. They receive +8 on all opposed tests to resist the effects of a vampire’s Turn ability and other supernatural infection. Atlantean physiology rejects cybernetic enhancement and they cannot take any Iconic Framework which includes Cybernetics as an inherent ability (including the bio-comp system necessary to become a Juicer).
  • Willpower: Atlanteans are strong-willed and hardy against arcane assault. All start with a d6 in Spirit.