Iconic Framework: Duelist

The Duelists of New Babylon are identified with extraordinary psychic ability at an early age during their tutelage. They leave their families to be raised within the House of the Sword to perfect their swordsmanship with physical and psychic blades. Duelists are the elite operatives defending New Babylon, leading surgical strikes and running intelligence operations. It is rumored that the House of the Sword also hires Duelists out as mercenary operatives to outside interests, such as other Houses or governments.

Duelists focus on melee combat, specifically with psi-blades, but are lethal with any long blade. While some focus on direct confrontation, others specialize in assassination and stealth operations, and it is this specialty that determines how the House of the Sword uses them.

Hero’s Journey (Five Rolls)

Duelists gain three rolls on any of the following tables: Education, Experience & Wisdom, Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets, or Psionics.

Duelists gain two additional rolls on any table, except Cybernetics or Magic & Mysticism.

Fencing Masters

Duelists spend their entire life mastering The Way and honing their swordsmanship.

Possessing the Arcane Background (Psionics), they have the following powers to choose from: armor, barrier, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait, clairvoyance, conceal arcana, confusion, damage field, darksight, deflection, disguise, dispel, divination, drain Power Points, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fear, fly, havoc, healing, illusion, intangibility, invisibility, mind reading, pummel, puppet, slow, slumber, smite, speak language, stun, telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, warrior’s gift.

Duelists are Master Psionics and have the Mega Power option for any powers they know and may choose any trappings for their powers.

Duelist Abilities and Bonuses

Duelists specialize in close combat, augmented by their psionic abilities. Depending on their powers, they may be infantry, special operatives, spies, or bodyguards, but all are masters of the sword, whether a physical or psychic blade.

Duelist Complications

Duelists spend their lives training under fencing masters in the House of the Sword in New Babylon. They grow up quickly in service to the House of the Sword.