Cyborg Perks & Complications

The Cyborg Advanced Class comes with a unique array of perks and complications, granting these augmented creatures abilities beyond those around them. Perks and Complications represents the  sacrifice the individual has made to acquire enhanced strength or abilities. These are passive and will always be available unless the augmentation is removed.

GM Note: Any time a cybernetic implant or limb is removed, there is the possibility the character will become disabled. As a general rule, the loss of a limb or an eye automatically results in gaining the Disabled complication. Loss of certain implants may not have the same result, but individual GMs should make the decision as appropriate to their campaign. If you're looking for a specific rule or mechanic, roll 1D. On a result of 1 or 2, removal of the implant results in some kind of disability.

Cyborg Perks/Complications List

Cyborg PerksCyborg Complications
  • Bionic Arm (1 or 2)
  • Bionic Leg (1 or 2)
  • Dermal Armor
  • Optical Enhancement (1)
  • Audio Enhancement (1)
  • Olfactory Enhancement (1)
  • On-Board Computer (1)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Dulled Sense

Perk Descriptions

Bionic Arm

You have replaced one of your arms with a biomechanical version. It grants you +1D Might and doubles the amount of weight you can lift (but not carry). This perk may be taken a second time to replace both arms, granting a total +2D Might and tripling the amount of weight you can lift. Optionally, players may spend two perk slots and gain the benefits of a single bionic arm and the Prehensile Limb perk.

Bionic Leg

You have replaced one of your legs with a biomechanical version. It grants you +5 Move and doubles the distance you can jump. This perk may be taken a second time to replace both legs, granting a total of +10 Move and tripling the distance you can jump.

Dermal Armor

You have reinforced your body to withstand abuse and damage. The sub-dermal armor plating grants +4 Soak. This perk may be taken a second time during character creation for heavier armor, granting +6 Soak.

Optical Enhancement

One or both of your eyes has been replaced with an artificial component. It grants you improved vision capabilities based on the type of enhancement. This perk may be taken more than once to reflect addition vision enhancements. For each time this perk is purchased, choose one from the following:

  • Macroscopic: Perfect 20/20 color vision with the ability to zoom in and clearly see small objects (as small as a house cat) up to a half mile away. You gain a +2 bonus when searching by sight.
  • Thermal: Perfect 20/20 color vision and the ability to switch at will to view the heat signatures of their surroundings. This can be used to see invisible organic beings and creatures and improve tracking (+2 Track if subject is less than one hour ahead).
  • Nightvision: Perfect 20/20 color vision and the ability to switch at will to low-light viewing mode. You suffer no penalties when operating in low-light conditions.

Game Note: If a race has enhanced vision capabilities already, those abilities are lost and replaced with the abilities of the artificial component. Multiple lenses/enhancements can be added to a single eye, but most are replaced in pairs due to depth perception.

Audio Enhancement

You have added noise cancellation filters and improved your hearing range. In a crowded room, you can eavesdrop on a conversation or hear even the slightest movement. +2 to any skill where hearing is important (i.e. Search vs Stealth).

Olfactory Enhancement

You have added increased olfactory sensors and greatly increased your sense of smell. You are able to track by smell and may notice (+2 Search) the presence of toxins or poisons.

On-Board Computer

A small microcomputer is built into your body. While it doesn't require a bionic limb, most cyborgs receive them at the same time. You start with the same capabilities as if you were equipped with a Screen. The on-board computer has 6 memory slots available. Choose programs from the following list (the number in parentheses is the number of memory slots required):

  • Language Translator (3): choose 2 languages
  • Electronic Lockpick (1): +2 Pick Locks when the lock is electronic
  • Targeting Computer (2): +2 to hit with a ranged weapon. Combining the targeting computer with an optical enhancement also grants +2 damage.
  • Breach Creature Database (3): Basic information about many common Breach Creatures. +2 to Aliens skill rolls.
  • Drone Control Program (2): Remote control of one drone unit at a time.

Complication Descriptions

Chronic Pain

The procedure to attach the artificial components didn't go quite as well as planned. You suffer from chronic pain, which makes it difficult to perform tasks that requires concentration. -1 to any skill roll when under stress or if the task requires concentration (i.e. disarming a bomb or picking the lock on a door before the guard comes around a corner).

Dulled Senses

The artificial components interfere with your characters natural senses. Choose one (touch or hearing) and take -1 to any skill roll which requires sensation to succeed.