Advanced Class: Cyborg

Before The Fall, advanced prosthetics were used for many reasons - from military to hard labor. While the technology to manufacture advanced robotic limbs is extremely limited, as is anyone with the knowledge to properly attach and maintain the cybernetic links with the host body, there are still those that find the risk worth the rewards. Some simply undergo augmentation to help their community (either through increased labor capabilities or improved combat ability) while others see it as little more than granted power over unenhanced.

Required: Stamina skill of at least 3D; any organic race (i.e. Machine-Men may not take the Cyborg Advanced Class)

Cost: 3D in starting skill dice, or 45 CP

In Breachworld, Cyborgs use Pre-Fall technology that has been found or manufactured in the years since to grant themselves increased strength, firepower, and abilities that would not otherwise be available to them. All cyborgs must be created from an organic race. Many fear the enhanced creature and technophobic species or individuals view them as abominations to be shunned, at best, or hunted down and destroyed, at worst.

Like most Advanced Classes, Cyborgs gain a specialized skill called Interface that is used any time they are attempting a feat or skill using some aspect of their augmentation.

On acquiring this Advanced Class, the Cyborg immediately gains the following:

  • The Interface skill starting at the Wit attribute level.
  • The ability to purchase Cyborg Perks.
  • The ability to take Cyborg Complications
  • Choice of three Cyborg Perks

Suggested complications: Debt, Marked