Savage Rifts: Temporal Warrior

Temporal Warriors, while taught the secrets of manipulating space and time, are also well-trained warriors who focus on combining their temporal magic with physical combat. They make excellent assassins, capable of infiltrating high-security areas by hiding their weapons in dimensional pockets and envelopes. They favor using their temporal magic to toy with their opponent by disorienting and confusing them before striking them down.

Some Temporal Warriors choose to continue serving their mentor for up to an additional eight years, but as a partner rather than servant.

Hero’s Journey (Five Rolls)

Temporal Warriors gain one roll on each of the following tables (total of three rolls): Education, Training, and Underworld & Black Ops.

Temporal Warriors gain two additional rolls on any table, except Psionics.

Masters of Space & Time

Temporal Warriors spend anywhere from six to fourteen years of their life learning the secrets of temporal magic from demonic mentors. Many, but not all, share the creature’s obsession with wealth and power.

Possessing the Arcane Background (Temporal Magic), they have the following powers to choose from: armor, banish, blast, bolt, confusion, darksight, deflection, detect arcana, dispel, environmental protection, farsight, illusion, intangibility, light/obscure, slow, speak language, speed, summon ally, teleport, and warrior’s gift.

Temporal Warriors are Masters of Magic and have the Mega Power option for any spells they know and may choose any trappings for their powers except Necromantic.

Temporal Warriors Abilities and Bonuses

Temporal Warriors have sacrificed a part of their humanity for control of primordial forces, gaining spell knowledge which not only manipulates space and time, but aids them in their travels.

Temporal Warrior Complications

The secrets of Temporal Magic is taught only through the tutelage of the demonic Temporal Raiders or a Temporal Wizard.

Temporal Warrior Starting Gear

Combat Mage Armor, Flaming Sword OR NG-IP7 Ion Pulse Rifle, NG-S2 survival pack, 1d8 x 1000 credits.