Savage Rifts: Other Resources

When working on my Savage Rifts campaign and coming up with new frameworks and critters, I try to re-use elements which others have already created and are available, rather than re-invent the wheel. To that end, I've begun compiling a list of mechanics, particularly Edges, from other settings and supplements which I find work well in Savage Rifts.

[UPDATED 10/20/2017] Added page numbers

In addition to Edges in The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, the following Edges are available from other Savage Worlds companions and titles in my campaigns.

Fantasy Companion

  • Professional
    • Familiar (p.5)
  • Racial
    • Natural Warrior (p.8)
    • Natural Warrior, Improved (p.8)

Horror Companion

  • Hindrances
    • Cursed (major) (p.4)
  • Background
    • Relentless (p.5)
  • Professional
    • Necromancer (p.5)
    • Necromancer, Master (p.6)
    • Monster Hunter (p.6)
  • Social
    • Tower of Will (p.6)
    • Occultist (p.7)
    • One of the Chosen (p.7)
    • Visions (p.7)

Super Powers Companion

  • Combat
    • Take the Hit (p.7)

Totems of the Dead

  • Background
    • Totem Animal (p.35)
  • Leadership
    • Beast Whisperer (p.38)
  • Power
    • Pact  (p.38)
    • Sorcerous Link (p.39)
  • Professional
    • Herbalist (p.39)
    • Mariner (p.39)
    • Performer (p.40)
  • Social
    • Polyglot (p.41)
  • Weird
    • Animal Lord (p.41)
    • Seer (p.41)

Darwin's World

  • Background
    • Filthy (p.21)
  • Power
    • Kineticist (p.22)
    • Precog (p.22)
    • Telepath (p.22)