Savage Rifts: Tattooed Man

Tattooed men, or T-men, are warriors imbued with superhuman abilities granted by a special form of magic. A T-man may access any powers (including Mega Powers), while others confer specific abilities or protections instead rather than powers. Most T-men are covered in at least six unique mystic tattoos, though experienced and battle-hardened warriors may have many more.

Tattooed Men on Rifts Earth are often slaves of the Splugorth in Atlantis and those that aren’t have escaped captivity and are part of the Atlantean Resistance or nomadic adventurers constantly looking over their shoulder. Still others are dimensional travelers, fighting for those that cannot fight themselves or organizing the Atlantean effort to retake their homeland.

The secret of Tattoo Magic is closely guarded and known only to Atlantean Clan Masters and a few other races, including the Splugorth and the Chiang-Ku dragons. While most T-Men are Atlanteans and humans, other races that can receive mystic tattoos are limited.

Hero’s Journey (Five Rolls)

Tattooed Men gain three rolls on the following tables: Education, Magic & Mysticism, and Underworld & Black Ops.

Tattooed Men gain two rolls on any table, except Cybernetics or Psionics.

Many Powers, Many Tattoos

Tattoo Powers may be selected from any of the available powers, but with the limitation that the trapping may never change. The design of the tattoo is linked to the trapping, and ultimately the manifestation, of the power. For example, a mystic tattoo of three lightning bolts, activates the Bolt power with the electricity trapping. This can never be changed without receiving a new mystic tattoo with a different design.

Tattooed Man Abilities and Bonuses

While Tattooed Men do not receive, nor can they take the Master of Magic Edge, mystic tattoos confer additional power and harden the T-man’s body against harm.

Tattooed Man Complications

The secrets of Tattoo Magic is sought after by many throughout the Megaverse and these warriors often find themselves in difficult situations.

Tattooed Man Starting Gear

NG-33 Laser Pistol, one silver cross, 2d6 x 100 credits.