Savage Rifts: Atlantean Undead Slayer

Undead Slayers are an elite group of Atlantean warriors dedicated to destroying supernatural evil in all its forms. These knights-errant travel, often to other dimensions and worlds, protecting the innocent and freeing those enslaved by vampires and other powerful creatures of darkness.

Vampires, vampire intelligences, and the Splugorth are among their arch-enemies whom they face down wherever they are found.

Hero’s Journey (Five Rolls)

Undead Slayers gain three rolls on the following tables: Education, Training, and Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets.

Undead Slayers gain two additional rolls on any table, except Cybernetics or Psionics.

Many Powers, Many Tattoos

Tattoo Powers may be selected from any of the available powers, but with the limitation that the trapping may never change. The design of the tattoo is linked to the trapping, and ultimately the manifestation, of the power. For example, a mystic tattoo of three lightning bolts, activates the Bolt power with the electricity trapping. This can never be changed without receiving a new mystic tattoo with a different design.

Undead Slayer Abilities and Bonuses

While Undead Slayers do not receive, nor can they take the Master of Magic Edge, mystic tattoos confer additional power, including mega powers, and harden the Slayer’s body against harm.

  • Arcane Background (Tattoo Magic): Undead Slayers begin with a total of four additional powers and the Tattoo Magic (Spirit) skill starting at d8. As an arcanist, Undead Slayers may also draw power from ley lines, increasing their maximum PPE to twice their normal maximum PPE.
  • Chosen Warriors: Undead Slayers are mystic warriors and begin play with Fighting d8 and the Champion Edge. Undead Slayers may also activate the Armor power/tattoo as a free action (assuming they can still touch the tattoo).
  • Ley Line Rejuvenation: While on a ley line, Undead Slayers gain a natural healing roll once per day.
  • Ley Line Sense: Undead Slayers can sense ley lines as a Ley Line Walker.
  • Mystic Batteries: Undead Slayers are defined by their mystic tattoos and being with 5 additional Power Points and the Rapid Recharge Edge.
  • Hunters: Undead Slayers are elite warriors and trained from an early age to face supernatural threats that would send others running. They begin with the Brave Edge, Knowledge (vampire) d6, and Knowledge (arcana) d6,
  • Tattoo Master: Mystic tattoos harden the body and mind of the person who is imprinted with the power. All Undead Slayers receive a +2 bonus to their Toughness and +1 natural armor.

Undead Slayer Complications

The secrets of Tattoo Magic is sought after by many throughout the Megaverse and these warriors often find themselves in difficult situations.

  • Distinctive Appearance: Undead Slayers are covered in tattoos and stand out in a crowd unless they take some measure to hide their appearance.
  • Code of Honor (Undead Slayer): Undead Slayers live by a code which requires them to stand up for the innocent.
  • Contact Sport: Undead Slayers must physically touch a tattoo and concentrate in order to activate the power. Armor and clothing gets in the way, so Undead Slayers cannot wear armor
  • Cybernetics: Like all men of magic, cybernetics hinder a Undead Slayer’s powers.
  • Restricted Path: Undead Slayers may not take any other arcane background.
  • Hunted: Undead Slayers are hunted by their nemeses. Vampires, Splugorth and any other agents of darkness that learns of the Undead Slayer’s presence in their domain will track down and attempt to destroy the warrior.
  • Enemies: Undead Slayers will radiate magic and thus be “shoot-on-sight” targets for Coalition forces. They are likewise hated by members of the True Federation of Magic.

Undead Slayer Starting Gear

NG-E4 Plasma Ejector OR Light Blade (TW), one silver cross, 2d4 wooden stakes, silver dagger, 2d6 x 100 credits.