Arcane Background: Psions

The Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion greatly expanded the existing Arcane Backgrounds. This is my take on a fantasy arcane background for psions.

Arcane Background (Psionics)

  • Requirements: Smarts d6+

  • Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)

  • Starting Powers: Three powers chosen from the list below.

  • Starting Power Points: 15

  • Available Powers:blind, boost/lower Trait (boost self only), confusion, conjure item, darksight (self only), deflection (self only), detect/conceal arcana (detect only), disguise (self only), divination, drain Power Points, empathy, environmental protection (self only), farsight (self only), fear, havoc, healing (self only), illusion, locate, mind link, mind reading, mind wipe, object reading, puppet, relief (self only), scrying, sloth/speed (self only), slumber, smite (self only), sound/silence (silence only), speak language (self only), stun, telekinesis, warrior's gift (self only).

  • Critical Failure: Psions that roll a Critical Failure on a Psionics roll are Stunned, gain one level of Fatigue (this can incapacitate the character), and are –1 to activate their powers due to severe headaches for the next 24 hours.

  • Inner Strength: The esoteric abilities wielded by Psions are neither arcane nor divine in nature. Powers activated by a Psion cannot be dispelled by other Arcane Backgrounds using the dispel power.

  • Psionics: Psions may take Edges that require Arcane Background (Psionics).


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