For those of you that have stopped by before, welcome back! If you haven't already looked around, this is a long-standing (albeit mostly idle - something I plan to change!) site that contains 15+ years of my writing. There's a heavy Palladium presence since I've played their games since I was in middle school (about 12-13 for those that may not be familiar with US education groups - I think it's primary education levels in Europe). Anywho, I'm still around and still occasionally writing. A lot of it hasn't made it on the site because I've only recently put up a real content management solution. Now that it will be a bit easier, I'm hoping to get some more content written and out there on a semi-regular basis.

You likely won't see much more in the way of Palladium as I've largely stopped playing due to (1) being unable to find anyone already familiar with the rules and (2) not having the time to teach a complex new system. I've opted for simpler mechanics so, on the rare occasion I'm able to play, I can focus on having fun rather than remembering where to look up a rule. After backing the Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing (you might recognize his name if you're a Rifts fan), I fell in love with the Mini6 system, so you'll likely see a lot having to do with it get thrown up here.

Feel free to peruse the past 15 years of my writing life. And if you want to find out some more about me, check out my bio.

Sebekans are brutish, reptilian creatures with thick limbs and an elongated snout. Their facial structure makes it difficult to pronounce many words common on Earth, giving them the appearance of low intelligence. On the contrary, Sebekans are highly intelligent strategists, with a keen intellect and affinity for military strategy. 

The creatures originally emerged from a breach near Ottawa, quickly making a home in the nearby rivers and marshes. From there, the Sebekans have spread in small numbers along rivers and marshes throughout what was once southern Canada, Great Lakes, and Northeastern United States. Periodically, a lone Sebekan will buck the traditional tribal culture and leave on Sojourn or be exiled for crimes. 

Sebekans are a superstitious and mystical race, their tribal leaders being powerful Epics. These same individuals are believed to be deific avatars sent to lead his followers. Intricate ceremonies are deeply ingrained in many aspects of the tribe's life, from birth to death to rites of passage. 

While the Sebekans are generally peaceful, incursions into their perceived territory are swiftly and harshly repelled. Sebekan Tribal Warriors are methodical and strike surgically, preferring to do as much damage with as little effort as possible. 

On their homeworld, the technology is primitive, but the Sebekans have adapted to the availability of newer technology, employing it in their battles. 


Sebekans are reptilian creatures with thick legs, covered in scales. Their arms are leaner, enabling them to wield hand-to-hand weapons with deadly speed and accuracy. The head resembles an Earth crocodile, earning them their nicknames.

Also Known As

Crocs, Gator-men, Snouts


Attribute Dice: 12D
Skill Dice: 8D

Might: 3D / 5D
Agility: 1D / 3D
Wit: 2D / 4D+1
Charm: 1D / 3D+2

Move: 14

Racial Perks: Armor (Light), Hardiness

Dagmar was born in the darkest reaches of space in the Three Galaxies… Aboard a freighter, of course. He and his littermates came to be nineteen of your years ago on board a garbage scow bound for the United Worlds of Warlock - the last galactic empire to tolerate the Ratanoid presence.

Hoots get their name not from any sound they make, but from the close facial resemblance to Earth owls. Hoots are a humanoid avian race, incapable of flight. They are believed to originate from a breach in what was once Northern Colorado, and have spread west into the rugged mountains. Their upper body is covered in feathers, allowing them to endure colder temperatures with greater ease than many humans.

 I'm tellin' ya, Sarge. I ain't never seen a Tusk tore apart like that, flailin' about even as the things cut him to ribbons.
- Corporal Jonathan Fisher, Hood 3rd Infantry Group, After Action Report #FH-9862-689-03

Harriers are bird-like creatures that hunt in packs. Their exact color varies, but all resemble large birds of prey, with a razor sharp beak, feather-covered body, rending talons, and incredible speed. A single Harrier is about the size of a large house cat (15-20 lbs). The only anatomical feature which identifies this creature as a Breach creature is a pair of small forearms enabling the creature to grapple its prey and hold it in place (or hold on).

Queen's Ranch was first home to the Queen family and has continued to be so for generations after the Fall. The family's story is both tragic and heroic. These are the stats I created for the Queen family that you can use to get started with the family as an antagonist to your player crew.

Queen's Ranch is a small homestead controlled by Mathias Queen and his three children. It lies nearly a week's journey south of the Great Barrier Wall - what was once known as the Mogollon Rim - near the western edge of the Valley of the Coyote. Before The Great Death, the city of Phoenix and it's suburbs sprawled across what was then called the Valley of the Sun, an oasis amidst a great desert. Today, the desert remains, but little of the population center that once dominated the valley is evident.