Welcome to The Editor's Wastebasket - a site dedicated to tabletop RPGs and a broad range of systems. I started this site when I was a prolific player of Palladium Books' games, the Rifts RPG in particular. Post-college, I played a mix of Palladium games and Dungeons & Dragons, Revised 3rd Edition (aka D&D 3.5). After that, things became a bit murky as I sought other systems and, in some cases, write some of my own titles (you should check out Apokalyptic Publishing if you're so inclined).

A Forever GM, I have been running all things Savage Worlds since 2008, with my gateway drug being 50 Fathoms (because who doesn't enjoy a great pirate-themed roleplaying game?). Since then, I've also played and run games using TinyD6 (Gallant Knight Games), AGE System (Green Ronin Games), and now spend my game planning time either running some of my favorite old settings using a new system (such as Dragonstar for D&D 3.5, but run using Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition and the updated Fantasy Companion) or cobbling together epic high fantasy adventures in my own setting (coming "soon" from Apokalyptic Publishing).

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Tabletop RPG Resources


Setting Expansion

The House of Swords

By the title, I'm sure you can all figure out exactly what I'm talking about, and for those of you who don't, I'm talking about New Babylon. It's found in one of the untouchable books in the South America series (South America 2 to be exact) and probably one of the most munchkin series of books in…


Setting Expansion

Thieves' Guilds of Palladia

Palladium never really touched on this, though they have given prices for the various services that the guilds perform, they never touched on the guild's structure. Granted, there is no universal organization of thieves' guilds, the organization and even frequency will vary with the country or…


Setting Expansion

A Demon's View of Things

A sorcerer came to me one day; it was strange, he wanted to know things, research he said. I being who I am, was confused, not fully understanding the mortal's need for this knowledge. Oh, but you must excuse me. You don't know who I am. Some call me Zimerath, others, Chertovkah, and still others,…


Setting Expansion

The New German Republic Revisited

When I first bought Triax and the NGR, I expected it to contain information much like the other books. Government information, notable NPCs, and city descriptions. What I found was far different. The book contained weapons, equipment and power armor, but no information on the cities of the NGR. It…