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The House of Lunas

The House of Lunas is one of the six Amaki houses of New Babylon. The House of Lunas is named for the moon and the moon's color, silver. Now, it is also named for the color of the assassin's blade. It is one of the less scrupulous houses among the Amaki clans and shelters many spies and assassins, Amaki and (secretly) other races. This particular house has been led by a single Amaki for the last thousand years, which, normally, would be impossible, except for the fact that this Amaki's life has been warped through the use of Temporal Magic and dimensional travel.

The House of Lunas was, at one time in ancient Amaki history, a House best known for its magic-users, particularly diabolists and sorcerers. During the rise of Amaki civilization, the members of the Lunas clan, under the leadership of Mahgren Likonig, frequently aided the other clans in their fight against the Larhold and mediated peace talks during the frequent civil wars that exploded on their home planet. These negotiations often, though not always, brought about the peace the House of Lunas sought. If the need arose, however, the House of Lunas would fight valiantly to protect their city-state and citizens.

The House of Lunas had a great advantage over the other clans during the rise of civilization because of their familiarity with the mystic arts. The other clans possessed powerful psychics, but few were able to defend effectively against a magic-users because of the short range of most psychic powers. Because of this, the Lunas clan thrived. Hundreds of years later, as the Amaki evolved into the civilization that it is today (that found on Rifts Earth), the House of Lunas was the first to jump at a peace treaty between all of the Houses. For the next hundred years, the Amaki Houses flourished, with the House of Lunas providing society's most powerful magic-users, in addition to providing Amakian society with ancient tomes of magic, history, and culture.

Twelve hundred years ago, the peace was still maintained, to an extent, the current ruler of the House of Lunas, Roland Kindrago (pronounced Kin – draygo), sired a son. It was his first born child, which he named Bartholomew.

Bartholomew grew up under the care of the best attendants, but always sought greater knowledge, and had a trait that few Amaki possessed, one of trickery and guile. Kindrago (he refused to tell anyone his first name because he hated it) constantly outsmarted his attendants and teachers in order to sneak off to the clan library to study the various forms of magic. Though he was often in trouble, he learned quickly. His father saw potential and withdrew him from the traditional Amaki education and placed him under the tutorage of one of the house sorcerers. Unfortunately, this did not last long. Kindrago was not interested in the "simple" mystic arts, he yearned to uncover the secrets of temporal magic. During the night, he stole enough supplies to get him through a month of travel and set out into the forests of his homeland, eventually finding a Temporal Raider that would teach him the secrets.

For the next four years, Kindrago trained hard, studying the art and learning to manipulate it to his will. He soon mastered some of the simpler spells and decided to stay on and server an additional tenure with his teacher. But all good things must come to an end, especially for one as power-driven as Kindrago. He murdered his teacher in cold-blood and robbed the body before it ever got cold. His travels had already spanned two dimensions and several worlds. Kindrago, in his haste to gain more power, had forgotten that he still had not mastered the art of dimensional travel through the use of rifts. He found himself trapped on the world of Alexandria in the United Worlds of Warlock of Phase World. He stayed on Alexandria for a time and used the extensive libraries and resources to further his studies. After twenty years, Kindrago was finally able to open a rift and escape his, seemingly inescapable, prison.

He had learned much in his quest for knowledge, including hints of a secret elixir that could bestow immortality. Kindrago had his new focus. He first traveled to Center, on Phase World, to acquire more information and, perhaps, some help. He rifted through to the lowest levels of Center to avoid being picked up by a Promethean patrol and made his way to the higher levels, eventually finding the libraries maintained by the UWW. He spent only a few days searching the tomes before coming across the information he required, the dimensional name of Mythos. He leaped from his chair and rushed out of the building, a renewed sense of determination apparent on his face.

Kindrago found his unlikely companion in the form of Klaus Illuminus, a human shifter seeking other treasures that were rumored to be found at Mythos. A deal was struck and they set off, working together to open a rift to the Mythos dimension. They traveled the lands of Mythos for a decade searching for their prize, eventually finding it inside a network of catacombs found beneath the ruins of once-spectacular cities. Their first obstacle was that of a great labrynth, which took little time for the two sorcerers to pass. Their final obstacle proved to be the greatest. They arrived at the opening of a giant cavern, a small altar opposite the entrance. Beyond that, the glint of gems, and precious metals could be seen.

Kindrago and Klaus slowly began the short trek across the room, cautious for any traps that might lay hidden. No sooner had they stepped out of the labrynth than a great, green creature, all muscle and scales, rose up before them. An ancient Chiang-Ku dragon had been guarding the treasures. It spoke in a rumbling, ominous voice resembling a rolling thunder.

"Who trespasses in my domain?" the impressive creature asked.

The two companions stood dumbfounded for a moment, then Kindrago stepped forward.

"Kindrago and my companion, Klaus Illuminus. We have come seeking your knowledge," he said, trying to skillfully lie to prevent being destroyed.

"And what knowledge is that? Tell me what you desire and I will grant you each your request," the serpent said, its voice filling the cavern and causing bits of rock to fall from the ceiling.

Kindrago looked to Klaus, breaking Klaus's trance as he stared in awe at the beast, indicating that Klaus should go first. Klaus immediately stepped forward asking for the magic knowledge and some gems to help him with his stone magic. The Chiang-Ku turned and picked up several gems of superb quality as well as a magical tome.

"This shall suit you," the ancient Chiang-Ku said as he handed the items over. "And for you?" The dragon turned to Kindrago.

"I require the Elixir of Life and Death," Kindrago stated confidently.

The dragon stared hard at him for a moment, Kindrago even felt the intrusion into his mind, though nothing was accomplished.

"Why do you seek the Elixir?" the Chiang-Ku asked. "Do you wish to use it for good or for ill?"

"For good, I assure you. I wish to be able to rule over my native House for as long as I can to bring them prosperity and wealth," Kindrago replied.

"I am sorry, but with your position, you would be granted absolute power over a group of individuals and absolute power corrupts absolutely," the Chiang-Ku said. "Now, leave this place."

"No," Kindrago said, not moving. He crossed his arms defiantly and stared directly at the Chiang-Ku's piercing emerald eyes.

"You dare to challenge the great Prrcyvius, Guardian of the Timeless Secrets?!" the dragon roared as he shifted into a strike position.

A short battle followed with Kindrago the victor. Klaus simply watched in horror as the Amaki used his spells to tear the scales from the dragon's body. Prrcyvius twitched in agony on the ground of the cave as Kindrago strode past and took hold of the bottle of Elixir, then watched helplessly as Kindrago sneered at him while Kindrago left the weakened and powerless dragon to die.

Summoning the last of his strength, Prrcyvius cast one final spell to send the two back to Kindrago's homeworld, so that they might not have the pleasure of watching him die.

"You shall never return to this world. It shall forever be wiped from your mind."

The Chiang-Ku's last words echoed around them as they found themselves suddenly staring at an expanse of jungle, which ended a short distance ahead of them. Kindrago smiled in recognition. He had been away for over half a century, but still he recognized his home, the city of Germania. He began to walk toward the city, motioning for Klaus to follow.

He was welcomed home with a celebration the House of Lunas had not seen since many decades before his departure. Following the celebration, after everything had quieted down, Kindrago spoke with his father of all that he had learned and experienced. Likewise, Roland related the events of the past years, especially the Larhold. There had been many battles fought while he had been away and the losses were heavy on both sides. The Houses allied themselves for mutual protection against the Larhold and eventually pushed them back. With this common cause, the Amaki houses were able to set aside their differences and come to terms of agreement for a peace treaty. This treaty has lasted over the centuries since.

For the next 150 years, Kindrago and Klaus served as advisors to Roland, then, when Roland passed away, Kindrago succeeded Roland as the House Lord. Kindrago had played the good little boy long enough and the moment the ceremony was complete, transformed into the scheming, cold-hearted Amaki he is today.

During the first two hundred years of Kindrago's rule, with Klaus as his chief advisor, Kindrago convinced many members of the House of Lunas to train their children in the art of espionage and intelligence gathering. Additionally, he began to share less and less of the House library's resources in an attempt to keep the other Amaki houses from being able to rival them in magical power. Eventually, Kindrago stopped loaning out the magical tomes altogether and became suspicious of the other Houses, sending spies out frequently to keep track of their movements.

The House of Lunas continued under Kindrago's rule for several hundred more years, paranoia growing with each year regarding the other Houses and their activities. During a meeting in the Amaki capitol, Kindrago expressed his typical paranoia about the rival Houses. Without warning, the entire building began to shake. Reports came in from many of the other cities as well. Communications were cut off, buildings toppled, and people died in the streets as they ran for cover. Moments later, it was all over. The House Lords walked out of the building to see the landscape completely altered. Dozens of the Amaki that inhabited the city lay dead, crushed by falling stone.

The leaders of each house gathered up the remaining people of their House into separate areas of the city, what was left of it, and began to explore and rebuild. In the four hundred years since the Coming of the Rifts and the Amaki's arrival on Rifts Earth, the Houses have rebuilt completely and made a safe haven for themselves, as well as the humans they considered to be kindred spirits, but never allowing them to become members of the House.

Kindrago, however, seemed to be the only exception to this norm. He allowed many humans, those that showed themselves worthy, to join the ranks of his house, especially those that have taken up the profession of spy, assassin, and magic-users of all kinds. Kindrago has been forced to conduct his recruiting in secret due to the fact that the other Houses would have him arrested then executed were they to ever find out.

In the years since the Amaki's arrival and subsequent formation of the Empire, Kindrago has prospered. There is strife among the Lords of the houses and the House of Swords and Lunas are both working over time to provide spies, assassins and such to handle the client's requests. Additionally, Kindrago is keeping a close watch on Cordoba, waiting for the day when the dictatorship will strike. When the northern kingdom does, the House of Lunas will be ready with magic-users and agents to combat the threat. For the time being, Kindrago is content to rule over his house and wait.

House Population

Total: 36,000

    • Ley Line Walkers: 48%
    • Shifters: 18%
    • Temporal Wizards: 7%
    • Other Magic OCCs: 12%
    • Duelists: 4%
    • Gizmoteers: 1%
  • Other OCCs: 10%

Relations with Other Houses

House of the Sphinx: The House of the Sphinx is the main rival house to Lunas. They both possess incredible amounts of knowledge, though they are in differing areas. Kindrago's main concern is if Sphinx were to delve far enough into Amaki history, then they might discover how Kindrago has lived so long and also what the House of Lunas possesses. Kindrago keeps a close eye on the House of the Sphinx for this reason, as well as knowing that knowledge is power in the right hands, even if it's not mystic knowledge.

House of Chi: Kindrago keeps the House of Chi close, often conducting business deals with them and providing tutors for Chi's house sorcerers. Occasionally, they will strike up alliances together in order to fight the Larhold Barbarians to the south or the paranoid Cordobans to the north. Kindrago believes that this house will be able to supply him with great resources, including additional spies and assassins.

House of the Leopard: The House of the Leopard is seen as a potential threat to Kindrago and the House of Lunas because of the large number of Duelists that later join the House of Swords. Kindrago tries to stay on the House of the Leopard's good side because he would not want a civil war between the House of Lunas and the House of the Leopard.

House of the Gear: Kindrago keeps a close alliance with the House of the Gear for the technological resources that it can provide, especially the Gizmoteers. Beyond this one use, Kindrago prefers to keep his distance, only dealing with them if he must. They are seen as a House that has forsaken the traditions of the Amaki and the use of magic and psionics, thus they cannot be trusted.

House of Crescent Moon: This House is seen as a goody-two shoes who have nothing better to do but police the other Houses, whether the other Houses need it or not. Members of the House of the Crescent Moon are constant thorns for Kindrago, occasionally spoiling his operations, though unwittingly, and generally getting under the House Lord's skin.

House of Swords: Like most other Houses, the House of Swords is viewed with suspicion because no one knows what truly goes on inside, nor do they know what operations the House of Swords deals in. Kindrago is almost positive that several of his upper level advisors are spies for the House of Swords, but can't be sure.