Welcome to The Editor's Wastebasket - a site dedicated to tabletop RPGs across a broad range of systems. I started this site when I was a prolific player of games by Palladium Books, the Rifts RPG in particular. Post-college, I played a mix of Palladium games and Dungeons and Dragons, Revised 3rd Edition (aka D&D 3.5). After that, things become a bit murky as I began to experiment and, in some cases, write some of my own titles (you should check out Apokalyptic Publishing if you're so inclined).

Since about 2008, I have been a prolific player of all things Savage Worlds, with my gateway drug being 50 Fathoms (because who doesn't enjoy a great pirate-themed roleplaying game?). Since then, I've dabbled in Tiny D6 (Gallant Knight Games), the AGE System (Green Ronin Games), and now spend my game planning time either running some of my favorite old settings using a new system (such as Dragonstar for D&D 3.5, but run using Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition and the updated Fantasy Companion) or cobbling together epic high fantasy adventures in my own setting (coming "soon" from Apokalyptic Publishing).

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Dragonstar for Savage Worlds

A brief description of my approach to running a TTRPG adventure using the Dragonstar setting as a backdrop for the adventure and mechanically with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

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Archetype: Arcane Commando

In the Dragonstar universe, Arcane Commandos are magic-using soldiers in the Imperial Legon. They are presented here as a Seasoned archetype using the Savage Worlds system.

Savage WorldsIron Kingdoms


Savage Requiem

An Iron Kingdoms translation for Savage Worlds.

A first version of this translation is now available. This is a living document and will be updated periodically and we're adding other elements to the game. Feedback is accepted through the Savage Worlds Mastodon community or you can find us on Discord.

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Star Wars: Adventure Edition

A minimalist ruleset for running Star Wars using the Savage Worlds core rules. This was designed to run during the age of the Old Republic, nearly 3,000 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga.


Allies & Adversaries

Savage Rifts: Horune Pirates

These creatures are stocky with rough, almost scaly skin and five eyes, two of which are attached to the end of a short eye stalk. They feed on the flesh of everything from animals to fish to intelligent humanoids, even their own kind. They are excellent swimmers, though they are not amphibious. …
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Palladium Fantasy AGE: Gnomes & Wolfen

I've been tinkering with some ideas for Fantasy AGE from Green Ronin. Overall, I'm a fan of the play mechanics, though the organization of the core rulebook leaves much to be desired. It's not secret that I not a fan of the Palladium mechanics. I am, however, a big fan of their settings. Say what…


Iconic Framework: Duelist

The Duelists of New Babylon are identified with extraordinary psychic ability at an early age during their tutelage. They leave their families to be raised within the House of the Sword to perfect their swordsmanship with physical and psychic blades. Duelists are the elite operatives defending New…


Player Race: Amaki

These beings appear to be made of sculpted stone, but their flesh elasticity, size and proportions are similar to humans. Most Amaki live in a small kingdom in South America known as New Babylon, but their operatives, particularly the lethal and capable Duelist, can be found elsewhere, working as…


Monkey Boys (CS Mutant Apes)

Monkey boys are one result of secret genetic experimentation at the Lone Star Complex by Dr Desmond Bradford. There are three primary tracks for the research: spies, soldiers, and technicians. Each has unique characteristics and the resulting mutants are nearly as versatile as humans. Common…


Savage Rifts: Temporal Wizard

Temporal Wizards command the power of space and time itself, traveling to many dimensions with their magicks. Beginning as a servant and apprentice to a powerful creature known as a Temporal Raider, they must endure the Bonds of Servitude for a minimum of six years, and only learning the secrets of…


Savage Rifts: Temporal Warrior

Temporal Warriors, while taught the secrets of manipulating space and time, are also well-trained warriors who focus on combining their temporal magic with physical combat. They make excellent assassins, capable of infiltrating high-security areas by hiding their weapons in dimensional pockets and…


Savage Rifts: Temporal Magic

Some sorcerers master the primordial energy of space and time itself. These casters can manipulate dimensional energy and individuals' perception of the world around them, such as speeding up or slowing down time for a person or in a bubble. Power Edges Arcane Background (Temporal Magic) Arcane…


Savage Rifts: Atlantean Undead Slayer

Undead Slayers are an elite group of Atlantean warriors dedicated to destroying supernatural evil in all its forms. These knights-errant travel, often to other dimensions and worlds, protecting the innocent and freeing those enslaved by vampires and other powerful creatures of darkness. Vampires,…


New Trapping: Blood

Some settings, particularly those in the dark fantasy and horror genres, have depraved mages and ritualists who draw power from blood. The blood trapping is used only by evil necromancers and blood cultists who wish to invoke fear and panic in onlookers. The blood trapping is used only by evil…


Adventure Locations: Remote Mountain Valley

Adventure Locations are serial posts which use photographs of real locations as the inspiration for a short adventure seed. Most locations will be system agnostic, however specific settings may be referenced. Our first location is a remote mountain valley. The valley is untarnished by…


Savage Rifts: Woodland Druid Edges

The England of Rifts Earth is home to a number of ancient orders, including those who selflessly care for the woodland homes and Millennium Trees which grow in many of the old forests. These woodland druids are skilled with creating salves and potions from the bounty the forest has to offer. …


Savage Rifts: Other Resources

When working on my Savage Rifts campaign and coming up with new frameworks and critters, I try to re-use elements which others have already created and are available, rather than re-invent the wheel. To that end, I've begun compiling a list of mechanics, particularly Edges, from other settings and…
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Allies & Adversaries

Savage NPCs: Cybernetic Bounty Hunter

Hector Ochoa leads a team of bounty hunters, including Aidan Quinn and a pair of juicers, operating in and around the Great Lakes. Since the Fall of Tolkeen, they have been cleaning up, sending dozens of powerful d-bees to their deaths at the hands of Coalition interrogators and scientists. …
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Savage Age of Shadow

Savage Age of Shadow: The Resistance

I started putting together a one-shot adventure to run at RinCon 2017. I've been focused mostly on the adventure, so much so that I almost forgot I needed to create the pre-generated characters. These are a bit rough and will be fluid as I continue working on the adventure (and hopefully after the…
Savage WorldsRifts

Allies & Adversaries

Savage NPCs: Momano Headhunter

Aidan Quinn spent much of his life in Northern Gun and Quebec. Since throwing in with Hector and the start of the Tolkeen War, life's been pretty good .. And profitable. Sure, he lost a limb and that put something of a damper on his psychic abilities, but he's learned to despise the inhuman…
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Savage Age of Shadow

Races of Eredane: Servants of Shadow

When Izrador sealed the world’s planar connections, many fiendish creatures were trapped on Aryth and became infernal servants to the Shadow in the North. While many serve the dark god Izrador, it is the orcs and goblin-kin that act as his shock troops and warlords. Humans, dwarves, elves,…


Savage Rifts: Tattooed Man

Tattooed men, or T-men, are warriors imbued with superhuman abilities granted by a special form of magic. A T-man may access any powers (including Mega Powers), while others confer specific abilities or protections instead rather than powers. Most T-men are covered in at least six unique mystic…
Savage WorldsAncestries

Savage Age of Shadow

Races of Eredane: Descendants

The elves are considered to be elthedar or the elder fey and they did not always marry other elves. Over the centuries, the intermarriage of different races created entirely new races. Gnomes share kin in Eredane’s ancient history with Kurgun Dwarves and Halflings share the dark skin and lineage…

Allies & Adversaries

Savage Rifts: Deevils

Deevils are infamous for their guile and trickery. Unlike the demon hordes of Hades, the minions of Dyval prefer to manipulate mortals into doing their dirty work. The creatures natural appearance is that of an ugly humanoid, with the curved horns of a ram protruding from it’s skull, and two legs…

Allies & Adversaries

Savage Rifts: Grigleapers

These creatures are alien predators that prey on large animals, including humans and humanoids. Grigleapers are fearless and have been known to take on Devil Unicorns, dragons, and Tyrannosaurs. The predators have characteristics of both animals and insects, with powerful, grasshopper-like hind…