For those of you that have stopped by before, welcome back! If you haven't already looked around, this is my little corner of the Internet that contains 15+ years of tabletop RPG resources. There's a heavy Palladium presence since I played their games from the time I was in middle school (about 12-13 for those that may not be familiar with US education groupings) up until several years ago. I'm still working through a backlog of stuff unearthed from my hard drive (and in need of some rewriting), but I continue to post new resources as I use it in my current Savage Rifts campaign.

While I still love Palladium and their settings, I've opted to pursue simpler mechanics. After backing the Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing (you might recognize his name if you're a Rifts fan), I fell in love with the Mini6 system, and you'll find some resources for that RPG here. Currently, I'm back in the realm of Rifts Earth and my familiarity and love of that setting is spurring a lot of new translations to the Savage Rifts RPG. As campaigns come and go, you'll see new material posted that relates to the epic storylines I seek to tell along with my players. What follows are many, many resources for these campaigns that I hope you will find useful in your own campaign.

Queen's Ranch is a small homestead controlled by Mathias Queen and his three children. It lies nearly a week's journey south of the Great Barrier Wall - what was once known as the Mogollon Rim - near the western edge of the Valley of the Coyote. Before The Great Death, the city of Phoenix and it's suburbs sprawled across what was then called the Valley of the Sun, an oasis amidst a great desert. Today, the desert remains, but little of the population center that once dominated the valley is evident.

I originally posted these on the Google+ Breachworld community as one way to handle shape shifting and introduce some horrific elements to the game. I opted to make the Shape Shifter an advanced class with access to a special category of Aether feats. Here is the complete list and the shape shifter will follow.

 I.. I don't know, sir. It was a man when he charged us, an enormous, bipedal wolf when it tore out Baker's throat. I just ran after that.
- Sergeant Damian Shaw, 2nd Recon Group, New Caldera Expeditionary Forces Court Martial Hearing

It's been difficult to pin down the exact origin of the Shape Shifter. Their story resembles the legendary lycanthropes of Earth's past, but it's unclear exactly when after The Fall they first appeared. The first stories seemed to told by travelers from the North and West of the Civilized Lands - hunters tracking game following a set of prints that mysteriously change to human footprints or an animalistic human that runs down prey, feasting on it raw.

In 2055, technology has changed and humanity is different. Aliens and cyborgs are commonplace, but not everyone accepts these changes.

There are many factions at work behind the scenes in 2055. Some work with existing governments, while others seek to tear them down.

Technology has changed significantly since the dawn of the 21st century, with superb leaps made in medical, genetic, computer, and environmental research.

Below are just a few of the corporations present in the NAF. Unless otherwise stated, each corporation is a member of the NAF zaibatsu.

The North American Federation can be considered a shadow of what it once was. When the U.S. government declared bankruptcy, society nearly broke down in the interim. Riots and looting were commonplace until the NAF police force, called G-Police, was in place. While the overall quality of life in the NAF improved under the fledgling government, the gap that separated the haves and the have-nots grew.