For those of you that have stopped by before, welcome back! If you haven't already looked around, this is my little corner of the Internet that contains 15+ years of tabletop RPG resources. There's a heavy Palladium presence since I played their games from the time I was in middle school (about 12-13 for those that may not be familiar with US education groupings) up until several years ago. I'm still working through a backlog of stuff unearthed from my hard drive (and in need of some rewriting), but I continue to post new resources as I use it in my current Savage Rifts campaign.

While I still love Palladium and their settings, I've opted to pursue simpler mechanics. After backing the Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing (you might recognize his name if you're a Rifts fan), I fell in love with the Mini6 system, and you'll find some resources for that RPG here. Currently, I'm back in the realm of Rifts Earth and my familiarity and love of that setting is spurring a lot of new translations to the Savage Rifts RPG. As campaigns come and go, you'll see new material posted that relates to the epic storylines I seek to tell along with my players. What follows are many, many resources for these campaigns that I hope you will find useful in your own campaign.

The Atlanteans of this day and age are as varied as humans ever have been. They come in all colors and beliefs. In fact, those Atlanteans that escaped to other continents on Earth after the disastrous cataclysm that sent Atlantis into limbo are responsible for a great number of the cultures that emerged, particularly in Egypt, the British Isles, and Central and South America. At present, few clans exist and the total population of Atlanteans is still not equal to the days prior to the disaster (total population is around 23 million, all scattered throughout the Megaverse).

This is part two of my article regarding what, I believe, the outcome of the major conflicts on Rifts Earth will be. This second part covers most of the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa and Australia will be covered, hopefully, in Part Three). I will, hopefully, give some information regarding the outcome of major conflicts in the Phase World and Wormwood dimensions (Phase World being the most prominent). Read and and enjoy...

A while ago, I got into a debate about the many fronts the Coalition faces, how this might affect them, and the possibilities of who might win. It also turned out to be a great discussion about the factors that could affect the outcome of every war the Coalition States has entered in to, mostly those factors that Prosek does not know of or may not be considering. What follows is a bit analytical in nature, but I feel that the information it provides could give some ideas for campaigns that take place after the wars (such as my recently posted campaign about the invasion to re-take Atlantis). I will include information for every major conflict that has been alluded to in the Rifts books, most prominently the Coalition States' Campaign of Unity and the New German Republic's war against the Gargoyles, Brodkil and Mindwerks. This is the first of two parts and covers the Western Hemisphere. I have to do some more research to get the rest of it, but keep an eye out for it (I'm really going to enjoy doing the part about Russia). Read on and enjoy…

The year is 107 P.A. and the world is ravaged by war. The Coalition has fallen back against Free Quebec's army, unable to defeat them after over a year of battle. They now concentrate on Tolkeen, hoping to defeat them quickly, stamping the citizens and inhuman creatures out of existence. The Federation of Magic lies in wait for the CS to become so weakened by the constant state of war that they may strike and take their revenge. In Europe, the New German Republic has been thrown into a bloody campaign of genocide against the gargoyles, the Brodkil remaining a constant thorn in their side as they become more dangerous due to their alliance with Mindwerks. The Warlords of Russia, all claiming the seat of Emperor of Russia, have stepped up their conflict against the demons that plague Mother Russia in hopes that they will be able to take the throne from their weakened adversaries. And in Japan, the Republic wars with the Oni, struggling to keep the inhuman invaders from taking their land.

This campaign is based off something I saw on the Internet some time ago. I've included the documents that the characters receive to get you started with the campaign. You'll also find the names and mini-bios of all the NPC villains and some information for an outcome. Enjoy...

The Brodkil Empire arose out of the efforts of several Brodkil warlords. It began before the Post-Apocalyptic calendar as a few scattered tribes allied together to destroy the, then fledgling, NGR. The tribes' warriors, all superior to the devastated human population, came crashing out of Russia, through Poland and right up to the border villages of the newly formed Republic. Many of the humans believed they would perish, taking their own lives to escape the horrors that the Brodkil would visit upon them.

The House of Chi is a more recent addition to Amaki society. It was started by a group of Amaki wishing to begin an official schooling program for mages of all types. What started as a small group of a dozen wizards has grown into a large house capable of repelling almost any invasion due to it's vast magical resources.

Hook: The character group has at least one Sword Bearer in the group. One of these characters' artifacts is more powerful than they can imagine. Currently, the player is still discovering it's power and knows that it allows him, a once normal human, to Mirror Walk.