What follows are simple Hook/Line/Sinker adventures, complete campaign story arcs, or minimal nuggets that have popped into my head as the result of some player action. Some I have used, others I never got around to, but all could serve as some inspiration for your own campaigns.

This campaign is set in Ustalav, a fog-shrouded land infested by all manner of horrific creatures. In Vieland, the northwestern-most county, a gray sky pelts the ground with a steady rain and a thick mist dulls the echo of footsteps on cobblestone avenues. Our story begins at the University of Lepidstadt, where a come-of-age orphan and a runaway are about to cross paths.

The following are very basic, undeveloped ideas that have crossed my mind for possible Dragonstar campaigns. Dragonstar is a very cool sci-fi game using the "classic" races from D&D. It's published by Fantasy Flight Games and is, IMO, one of the best d20 products out there. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting the release of their Guide to the Galaxy which will give detailed setting information (at this time, only the Starfarer's Handbook has been released).

The following are very basic, undeveloped ideas that have crossed my mind for possible D&D 3rd Edition (3e) games. Should I ever actually start playing 3e, I'm sure I'll catch some flak from someone about this (if anyone knows what I need to include on my page to cover WotC copyright notices, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll add them), otherwise, just know that there is some stuff that is copyrighted by WotC and I don't own some terms (like Greyhawk). And without further ado, the adventure seeds...

This campaign is based out of the Timiro Kingdom and the Old Kingdom (and could lead to adventures in a number of other regions in the world). I've actually got a bit more to this, but it was becoming very specific to my own campaign world. What is presented here is a more basic version that should be easily implemented by anyone.

Hook: The characters have just arrived in a small town with no know history of the occult and paranormal. Perhaps they are researching a local legend, following up information on a rare text, or simply wander into the city by accident. In any event, the group will be forced to spend some time in the area (a convenient car accident could tie them up for some time while the authorities work things out). Recently the town has seen a lot of action; a huge corporation has chosen the area for it's main office. Work began some time ago and the multi-level complex is almost complete. BarkettsCorp has it's fingers in all sorts of pies; real estate, medicine, pharmaceutical, food, just about everything you can imagine. That the corporation came to Barkettsville is no surprise, the family which owns the company is from the city, one of the ancestors was a major political figure who brought wealth and prosperity to the town.