What follows are simple Hook/Line/Sinker adventures, complete campaign story arcs, or minimal nuggets that have popped into my head as the result of some player action. Some I have used, others I never got around to, but all could serve as some inspiration for your own campaigns.

The year is 107 P.A. and the world is ravaged by war. The Coalition has fallen back against Free Quebec's army, unable to defeat them after over a year of battle. They now concentrate on Tolkeen, hoping to defeat them quickly, stamping the citizens and inhuman creatures out of existence. The Federation of Magic lies in wait for the CS to become so weakened by the constant state of war that they may strike and take their revenge. In Europe, the New German Republic has been thrown into a bloody campaign of genocide against the gargoyles, the Brodkil remaining a constant thorn in their side as they become more dangerous due to their alliance with Mindwerks. The Warlords of Russia, all claiming the seat of Emperor of Russia, have stepped up their conflict against the demons that plague Mother Russia in hopes that they will be able to take the throne from their weakened adversaries. And in Japan, the Republic wars with the Oni, struggling to keep the inhuman invaders from taking their land.

This campaign is based off something I saw on the Internet some time ago. I've included the documents that the characters receive to get you started with the campaign. You'll also find the names and mini-bios of all the NPC villains and some information for an outcome. Enjoy...

Hook: Lord Magog holds the Horn of Destiny and the players' group consists of one Sword Bearer (or one person with the potential to become a sword bearer).

Hook: The character group has at least one Sword Bearer in the group. One of these characters' artifacts is more powerful than they can imagine. Currently, the player is still discovering it's power and knows that it allows him, a once normal human, to Mirror Walk.

This campaign is something that could be run in Beyond the Supernatural or Nightbane (though it would probably be suited to take place on or before Dark Day). The characters should already know each other by now, if not, it could certainly be an interesting introduction. The players are on their day off, be it from their mundane day job, or their faction gave them a little R&R. Occupations and OCCs can be just about anything from this little side adventure (or campaign if it's Nightbane).