What follows is the result of a lot of discussions, years of gaming, and running campaigns. If I came up with a unique location, be it a city, faction, guild, or other such fictional group, you'll find details on that in the articles that follow.

Queen's Ranch is a small homestead controlled by Mathias Queen and his three children. It lies nearly a week's journey south of the Great Barrier Wall - what was once known as the Mogollon Rim - near the western edge of the Valley of the Coyote. Before The Great Death, the city of Phoenix and it's suburbs sprawled across what was then called the Valley of the Sun, an oasis amidst a great desert. Today, the desert remains, but little of the population center that once dominated the valley is evident.

The powers that be in Ustalav are many. Roaming bands of orcs and gnolls fight for space in the Tusk Mountains, while the lizard tribes are increasingly coming to blows with the humans of Lepidstadt over what has traditionally been their territory. The shadows of Ustalav, and County Lozeri in particular, are fraught with murderous spirits, ancient cultists, and superstitious citizens.

The Black Hand is an assassin's guild operating in Timiro and Land of the South Winds, though they have recently begun to expand their operations thanks to help from a, virtually unknown, force in the Land of the Damned. The Black Hand is a very secretive organization and the fact that an individual has sought them out and offered to fund their activities, with no apparent ulterior motives, troubles the guildmasters immensely.

During a recent Pathfinder campaign, I used several key locations. Here's a few of them for use in your own campaign.

I ended up completely laying out the Timiro Calendar during some of my Palladium Fantasy RPG campaigns years ago.

Current Year: 1782 TR (Timiro Record), 5823 WR (Western Record), 18,223 EC (Elven Calendar), 71,345 DC (Dwarven Calendar)