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The Watchers of the Unspoken

A secret society headquartered in the city of Destiny Point (for a complete description of the city, see Book 13: Northern Hinterlands, p.148), the Watchers of the Unspoken have been investigating myth and legend for centuries. The organization was formed after the disappearance of the Order of Ages, it's founding members intent on finding the truth about the history of Palladia. Organized in a cell structure, members know little to nothing about other cells and their operations (this has unintentionally led to cells competing against each other for the same tome or artifact - luckily, it is rare that more than one cell is operating in the same area).

Scholars working for the Watchers of the Unspoken have studied the Aurora Tristinium extensively, but have been unable to gather enough evidence to prove or disprove the historical account presented within. Neither have they been able to disprove the account given by the Tristine Chronicles. Being members of Palladia's academic community, they are inclined to believe the latter.

In addition to their scholarly objective (proving or disproving the Aurora Tristinium), the Watchers of the Unspoken's members also double as sentinels, vigilant for signs indicating a resurgence of the Age of Chaos. This society of sages, scholars, mystics, and crusaders has investigated many prophecies in kingdoms far from the Northlands (the Great Northern Wilderness, Northern Hinterlands, and Ophid's Grasslands), heeding the warnings of a growing evil. Though the face of this evil is not known, the members remain watchful for signs of its coming.

Destiny Point

The Watchers of the Unspoken has its headquarters beneath the Flagon Held High tavern, in a carefully constructed network of catacombs. The catacombs themselves are a recent addition, created by a contracted group of Dwarven Engineers whose descendants continue to maintain the catacombs today. The location beneath the tavern enables the secret society to eavesdrop on tavern patrons, many of whom are planning expeditions or have returned from expeditions, and gather intelligence.

Members of the Bizantium Scouting Corps (see Land of the Damned 1: Chaos Lands, p.16 for more information) are frequent patrons of the establishment and have begun to suspect that there is more to the tavern than meets the eye, but have yet to prove anything. Were the secret society discovered by the Corps, they would be subjected to capture and interrogation by the Bizantium Crown. In the meantime, the Watchers of the Unspoken use the tavern to provide as much intelligence to its members embarking on a journey to the Northern Mountains or the Land of the Damned as possible and to their scholars to aid in their search for the truth.


This secret society is very restrictive in their selection of new members, needing to select those who are able to travel on expeditions to the Northern Mountains and the Unspoken Place and others who are learned and willing to analyze information. High-ranking members of the organization investigate stories of great deeds and defeat of minions of the Old Ones, watching these parties for weeks, sometimes months before they are ever approached.

Due to their method of careful selection, membership is open to anyone, including members of the so-called "monster" races. This same selection is also responsible for the organization's small membership, but enables the organization to ensure that only members dedicated to their goals are approached. Currently, the Watchers of the Unspoken consists of approximately 175 members, most of which operate in cells of three to eight throughout the Northern Wilderness, Western Empire, Eastern Territories, and Timiro Kingdom. There are a few cells operating in the Old Kingdom and along the periphery of the Yin-Sloth Jungles, but these are limited. Members of the society can recognize each other with a signet ring emblazoned with the likeness of a human face with no mouth.


The Watchers of the Unspoken is lead by a diverse cadre of scholars, warriors, and races. Five members sit on the council and guide the activities of the organization, all equals and all actions requiring a majority vote from the council to invoke action. Each council member is responsible for an area of operation and is the only one who is aware of the identities of all cells operating in their realm of responsibility. The council meets twice each year (on the Summer and Winter solstice) to discuss the plans for the adventuring season.

Lororthel the Red. Lororthel is a Changeling (appears as an old, gray-haired elf) Mind Mage (IQ 15, ME 22, MA 20, PS 17, PP 11, PE 8, PB 9, SPD 15; level 9), named for his trademark red robes, and oversees actions taken in the Northern Wilderness, including the Northern Mountains and expeditions to the Land of the Damned. The fact that Lororthel is a changeling is unknown to the other council members. He keeps his nature concealed because he is also working on behalf of the changeling city of Arbazor, hidden deep within the Northern Mountains. His task is to ensure the Watchers of the Unspoken never discover or make public the existence of the city, fearing it would result in a war of attrition against it. So far, the changeling has had to do nothing as no expeditions have traveled close by the city's hidden entrance, but his allegiance to his kin outweighs his allegiance to the organization.

Morbag the Swordsman. Morbag is a high orc clansman (IQ 12, ME 15, MA 14, PS 27, PP 14, PE 23, PB 15, SPD 11; level 10 Palladin) known among the Watchers of the Unspoken for his skill with all types of swords. He oversees cell operations in the Yin-Sloth Jungle and Old Kingdom, acting as the organizations liaison with the monster races (particularly those who are not evil to the core and serving the Old Ones). He has recently become concerned with rumors circulating with the orcish tribes about large groups of undead and other tribes amassing a huge army outside Timiro's borders. For more information about High Orcs, see Rifter #13, p.57.

Enas Cadrocalla. Enas is a human scholar-turned-merchant (hey, you've got to make a living) from Caer Kurgas in Upper Kighfalton (IQ 11, ME 14, MA 13, PS 13, PP 20, PE 15, PB 13, SPD 8; level 8 scholar, level 3 merchant). He has always dealt in trinkets and oddities of little value to anyone but collectors. He became involved with the Watchers of the Unspoken after he was forced to fend off a pair of thieves hired by the Zealotry (see Library of Bletherad for more information) to steal a rare tome that he was translating from an ancient Dwarven dialect. At the time, it was unknown to Enas that the tome was actually contained a detailed account of the Elf-Dwarf War from a Kobold Chieftain's perspective (the secret society is still working to translate the ancient book 25 years later). Enas watches over operations in the Western Empire while continuing to deal in rare artifacts (some he keeps for his private collection, others he turns over to the organization for a finder's fee, the rest are sold through his store).

Lady Gilia the White. Lady Gilia is a human knight (IQ 13, ME 12, MA 12, PS 13, PP 14, PE 12, PB 14, SPD 12; level 7 Knight) from the city of Southwatch and a member of the Sisterhood of Northern Knights. She has fought in many battles against Wolfen soldiers as well as demons and agents of the Old Ones. Stories of her exploits eventually reached the ears of the Watchers of the Unspoken, which she later joined when approached. She believes that a cult of the Old Ones is headquartered beneath the Bruu Ga Belimar Mountains, but the organization's cells in the Eastern Territories (which she oversees) have yet to locate it.

Gwenfyn Silverlake. Gwenfyn is an Elven Warlock of Earth (IQ 14, ME 15, MA 9, PS 13, PP 22, PE 15, PB 21, SPD 10; level 9) formerly stationed at Fort Clay in the Timiro Kingdom. Her family works closely with the Timiro nobility and she began to work with the Kingdom's army immediately. She later received the attention of the organization when she single-handedly brought about the end to a Minotaur cult in the nearby Darkwood (the forests to the west of the Fort Clay) by collapsing the cavern they used to conduct ceremonies in on the beastmen.