Setting Expansion

Ustalav Factions

The powers that be in Ustalav are many. Roaming bands of orcs and gnolls fight for space in the Tusk Mountains, while the lizard tribes are increasingly coming to blows with the humans of Lepidstadt over what has traditionally been their territory. The shadows of Ustalav, and County Lozeri in particular, are fraught with murderous spirits, ancient cultists, and superstitious citizens.

Redridge Tribe (Gnolls)

The Redridge Gnolls inhabit the foothills and lower elevations of the Tusk Mountains. They’ve rarely been a problem for the highly suspicious and hardy folk that occupy the lands near the mountains, though the mongrels have been known to conduct raids and kidnappings in the area.

Members of this tribe are characterized by a streak of reddish-brown fur in their otherwise black mane.

Crimson Fin Tribe (Lizardmen)

The Crimson Fin are a tribe of lizardmen inhabiting the Shudderwood border marshes at the eastern edge of Vieland County. They’ve left the cities in peace and the residents have been happy to leave the creatures to their territory in the marsh. In the past year or so, armed tribal members have been seen in small groups throughout the swamps, leaving the city leaders a bit on edge.

Merchants traveling roads through the marshes have not been harassed, to anyone’s knowledge, though the lizardmen make it no secret they are watching..

Crimson Fin can be differentiated from other lizardmen tribes by the bright red coloring found at the tip of each fin along the spinal ridge.

The Order of the Dreaming Dark (Old Cult)

The Order of the Dreaming Dark, or simply The Order, is one of thr many so-called “Old Cults”. This particular group venerates Bulav the Dark Dreamer. The membership is scattered around Golarion, with the largest concentration in Ustalav, worshipping and living in secret in the Shudderwood.