Setting Expansion

The House of the Leopard

The House of the Leopard has always produced the largest number of duelists. Why this is, is unknown, but it is most likely due to the exceptional physical prowess present in all members of the House (minimum PP of 22).

This house began nearly 10,000 years ago, when the Amaki were still tribal in nature and barbaric in their ways. Initially only holding extended family as members, the House quickly grew and flourished in the tropics of the Amaki Homeworld, a planet known, oddly enough, as Babylonia. Members of this house are known for their love of all great cats, for they cherish the grace and beauty of these creatures, almost worshipping them as gods, most particularly the Vorax, a six-legged jungle predator found in the jungles of Babylonia (Note: Only a few have been brought to New Babylon on Rifts Earth, but every family clan within the House has at least one family pet, usually a Jaguar or similar big cat.)

Currently, the House of the Leopard is concentrating it's efforts against the House of Chi, attempting to learn the secrets of the tower. Unfortunately, their spies have all mysteriously disappeared while en route to or at the tower, frustrating the House Lord (or Lady as the case may be), a woman known only as Nataraja.

Nataraja was born in New Babylon nearly 75 years ago. She was trained in the ways of court and diplomacy, but was forced into leading the House after her husband was killed in battle, under rather mysterious circumstances. Nataraja believes that the House of Chi was responsible (in reality it was Kindrago and the House of Lunas). Thus, she has resorted to sending spy after spy to the House of Chi in an attempt to learn what happened in the jungles of old Argentina. Currently, Nataraja upholds a façade of ignorance about the incidents, claiming they were renegades, while building her forces for an all out assault against the House of Chi. She is aware that not every piece of the puzzle fits, but is blinded by her lust for vengeance.

The House of the Leopard holds a home in the aristocratic district of New Babylon, only a half mile from the House of Swords. Within their compound, a smaller version of the palace of Babylon, is a "preserve" where they keep each of the family's pets, including three leopards, two panthers, two jaguars, and a Vorax.

House Population

Total Population: 6,400

Duelists: 63%
Superspies: 10%
Line Walkers: 4%
Rune Warriors: 3%
Mind Melters: 2%
Mind Bleeders: 2%
Other: 16%

Relations with Other Houses

House of the Sphinx: The House of the Sphinx has enlisted the Leopard Duelists for aid in intelligence gathering expeditions about the House of Chi. This greatly benefits both houses and either would help the other out should any conflict arise which could not be handled alone.

House of Lunas: Nataraja distrusts Kindrago. She knows he has altered his lifespan somehow and fears any being that holds this kind of power. She continually strings Kindrago along, trying to get him to slip up and reveal his true nature.

House of Chi: Nataraja is upset at being banished from the Tower of Chi and the information it offers, but she hides it well. She is more upset over the Chi's apparent involvement in her husband's death. She is biding her time while she waits for the Chi's to give her an excuse to attack.

House of the Gear: The House of the Leopard has use for the Gear's TW items, particularly the TW Psi-Blade which is used by Duelists. Because of this, Nataraja regularly does business with the Gear, purchasing the TW item in bulk (the House of the Leopard currently has enough of these items to equip two divisions of 3000 Duelists each).

House of the Crescent Moon: The Crescent Moons act as liaison between the House of Chi and the Leopards. The Leopards are on good terms with the Crescent Moons and hope to establish an alliance at some time in the near future. For now, they are happy to have the help in negotiating admittance to the Tower of Chi.

House of Swords: The House of the Leopard has more information about the House of Swords than any other Amaki House. This is due to the number of Duelists that they train. Should any of the Leopard's conflicts come to blows, the House of Swords will back them fully, despite their façade of neutrality.