What follows is the result of a lot of discussions, years of gaming, and running campaigns. If I came up with a unique location, be it a city, faction, guild, or other such fictional group, you'll find details on that in the articles that follow.

The House of Chi is a more recent addition to Amaki society. It was started by a group of Amaki wishing to begin an official schooling program for mages of all types. What started as a small group of a dozen wizards has grown into a large house capable of repelling almost any invasion due to it's vast magical resources.

"Shifter." You have no idea how much I hate that name. It sounds like an expletive, almost, like something unpleasant that schoolboys call each other, for which their mothers wash out their mouths.

By the title, I'm sure you can all figure out exactly what I'm talking about, and for those of you who don't, I'm talking about New Babylon. It's found in one of the untouchable books in the South America series (South America 2 to be exact) and probably one of the most munchkin series of books in the entire Rifts saga (though I'm sure others will argue). I have always felt that South America was one of the most powerful settings ever described by C.J. Carella. Now, I like Carella's style of writing, but he had a severe problem with making every book he wrote more powerful than the last. Granted I know many of you may complain and bitch and moan that South America has no need for altering, but I never said that you needed to use anything here.

The House of Lunas is one of the six Amaki houses of New Babylon. The House of Lunas is named for the moon and the moon's color, silver. Now, it is also named for the color of the assassin's blade. It is one of the less scrupulous houses among the Amaki clans and shelters many spies and assassins, Amaki and (secretly) other races. This particular house has been led by a single Amaki for the last thousand years, which, normally, would be impossible, except for the fact that this Amaki's life has been warped through the use of Temporal Magic and dimensional travel.

Palladium never really touched on this, though they have given prices for the various services that the guilds perform, they never touched on the guild's structure. Granted, there is no universal organization of thieves' guilds, the organization and even frequency will vary with the country or region of the continent. For instance, the thieves guilds of the Western Empire will be different from those found in the Land of the South Winds, Timiro Kingdom and the Domain of Man in structure, organization, influence, and membership. What follows is information on the thieves' guilds by country.