Savage Age of Shadow

Races of Eredane: Servants of Shadow

When Izrador sealed the world’s planar connections, many fiendish creatures were trapped on Aryth and became infernal servants to the Shadow in the North. While many serve the dark god Izrador, it is the orcs and goblin-kin that act as his shock troops and warlords. Humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes have all been victimized by traitorous viceroys, chieftains, and clansmen. While only some know the betrayal of their kinsmen, all know the savagery of the orc.


Orcs, or odrendor, were created by Izrador from an elthedar clan that embraced the Shadow in the North after being exiled by their kin. Over the eons, Izrador corrupted and transformed them into the savage brutes they are now. Most scholars only suspect a shared lineage with the Dwarves and every dwarf would vehemently deny it.

Orcs are massive, as much as twice the size of their dwarven ancestors and bigger than most Dorns. Their tough hide protects broad builds and powerful limbs, ranging from a light stony gray to black as coal. Their hair is much like a mane, growing over their heads and along their spines and chest. The deep-set, black eyes glare from beneath their bony brow and tusk-like lower canines protrude from their strong jaw.

In the north, Orcs live in mountain caves and underground warrens, consuming anything - even their own kind. They are immune to the frozen air of the north and rarely wear more than weapon belts and armor. In the conquered lands, warlords have taken over human cities, feeding and resupplying from tribute collected from human subjects, as well as human or halfling flesh.


  • Powerful: Orcs are powerful creatures that take great pride in their fighting prowess. They begin with d6 Strength.
  • Low Light Vision: Orcs were born in Shadow and ignore penalties for bad lighting in all but pitch darkness.
  • Frozen Blood: For centuries, orcs endured the bitter cold of the Northland. They gain a +4 bonus to resist the effects of cold and cold-based attacks.
  • Weakness (Sunlight): Orcs receive a -2 penalty to any Trait test relying on sight when in direct sunlight.
  • Racial Enemy (Dwarf): Orcs have been at war with dwarves for thousands of years and besieged their strongholds for nearly a century. Orcs receive +1 damage for all successful attacks against dwarves and their kin and -4 Charisma when dealing with the same.
  • Arcane Resistant: Orcs are naturally resistant to powers, whether granted by Arcane Background or natural abilities. They gain the benefit of the Arcane Resistance Edge.

Savage Age of Shadow


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