Races of Eredane: Descendants

The elves are considered to be elthedar or the elder fey and they did not always marry other elves. Over the centuries, the intermarriage of different races created entirely new races. Gnomes share kin in Eredane’s ancient history with Kurgun Dwarves and Halflings share the dark skin and lineage with the Danisil elves. No longer half-breeds, centuries of intermarriage has created two entirely unique races.


Gnomes are both clever and resourceful, their culture and history characterized by their adaptable nature. The gnomes eschewed mountain life, migrating to the coastal hills of the Ebon Sea before being forced to flee the Dornish invaders, later returning and bearing no ill will to offer their services as merchants and guides. Their history as adept seafarers and river runners has afforded them a certain degree of freedom under the Shadow, offering their services to transport cargo and soldiers to orcs and legates alike. What few realize is that being tolerated by Izrador’s forces enables them to fight the Shadow in their own way - as smugglers and spies.

Gnomes are the size of a halfling, though slightly stouter, with bronze skin, pale eyes, and jet black hair. They favor loose pants and brash vests marked with their family’s seal. They are typically armed with small daggers and crossbows with which to fish and protect their riverboats and crew.



Dunni, commonly known as Halflings, are believed to be descended from Danisil, though it is not known for certain, and live freely as nomadic tribes on the open plains in large tents to avoid the fate of their enslaved brethren. Almost exclusively nomadic, a few farming families live in sod villages in the southeastern margins of Erethor, kept alive by their exceptional horticulture skills and watchful wogren.

Halflings are nearly as dark-skinned as the Danisil with the same coarse hair worn in small, intricate braids which mark their tribal affiliation. They wear durable clothes of leather and wool.