Races of Eredane: Elves

The elves of Eredane are children of nature, inhabiting the Great Forest of Erethor. Despite their ancient civilization and powerful magic, they inhabit the wilds and live connected to the ancient woodlands, devoted to the Witch Queen Aradil. They revere the natural world, creating dwellings in massive trees throughout the forest. While all elves share a cohesive culture and history, there are four distinct groups of elves.


The Caransil inhabit central Erethor and are the most well-known of the four cultures, ranging from the southern Highhorns to the Plains of Eris Aman and south to the Aruun Jungle. Their skin is the color of tree bark and their hair tends to be shiny and black. Caransil have large, dark eyes and they are the tallest of the elves.

The Caransil have traditionally been philosophers, artists, and craftsman, using ancient magic to create elegant dwellings from the homewood trees. They have also been known for both great sorcerers and great warriors, wielding devastating battle magic or longbow and sword.



The jungle elves are small, ebony-skinned inhabitants of the southern reaches of Erethor. Though referred to as “feral elves” by many, their culture is every bit as sophisticated as their cousins and many of the most powerful druids were of the Danisil lineage.

The jungle elves have thick, coarse hair often worn in dreadlocks and their eyes are so narrow that the whites are barely seen. When at home in the boa-bil groves along the many rivers in the Aruun, they dress in loose clothing, the shirts often brightly colored. On the hunt, they wear only layers of river mud, wielding a pair of wide-curved knives called sepi blades.



Northern Erethor is home of the Erunsil, or Snow Elves. They dominate the northernmost reaches of the forest and the Highhorns, continuing their ancient struggle against the orcs. The Erunsil have fair-skin and their long, braided hair matches the snow. To protect against the harsh cold of northern Eredane and the mountain storms, they wear thick furs and heavy clothing at home. When fighting or scouting, they rely more on their natural resistance to cold than on warm clothing, preferring only light leathers.

The Erunsil make their homes in enormous shelterwoods nestled among groves of evergreen winter oak. Their homeland has been on the frontline of the war with the Shadow since Izrador first began threatening the elves. Their icewood bows and paired fighting knives have been important tools protecting the Great Forest.



The Miransil dwell in the Great Forest along the southwestern coast of Eredane. They are a thoughtful people and as bound to the sea spirits as their inland cousins are to the spirits of the forest. The sea elves are well-tanned by the coastal sun with dark hair worn short and bushy. Their clothing is simple, loose-fitting shorts, saris, or nothing at all.

Miransil live above the water in the interlocking trunks and roots of massive mangrove trees, living off the sea with expert swimming and seamanship skills. They are the least numerous of the elves, having sent many west across the sea in search of help and others east to battle against the Shadow.