Races of Eredane: Dwarves

The dwarves are an ancient people, their society structured along family lines. Like the Dorns, loyalty to the clan and honor is a central part of their lives. Dwarven clanholds once numbered more than 600, but as the Shadow continues its advance that number continues to dwindle. Most dwarven clans (about 4 out of 5) live underground in warren-like holds carved out of the mountains. The remaining Kurgun dwarves are surface dwellers and occupy the old dwarven surface cities in the south Kaladruns.

Clan Dwarf

Clan dwarves are a stout race with thick bones and heavy muscle. They are covered in thick hair in a variety of pale colors, typically indicating an individual’s clan heritage along with the jeweled bangles they wear in their heavy braids. The humanoids tend to have blue eyes and light, ruddy skin and wear heavy, goat-hair clothes, supple metal lame tunics, and ort-hide boots.


Kurgun Dwarf

Kurgun have darker skin due to life in the sun and tend to wear their long black hair bound in multiple ponytails. Most noticeable are their intricate, abstract tattoos with which they decorate their bodies beginning at a very young age. Those familiar with the patterns can trace the dwarf’s lineage and match father to son simply by reading the patterns. Krugun dress in goat leather and typically wear vests made of small, intricately carved metal plates.