Savage Rifts

Cybernetic Bounty Hunter

Hector Ochoa leads a team of bounty hunters, including Aidan Quinn and a pair of juicers, operating in and around the Great Lakes. Since the Fall of Tolkeen, they have been cleaning up, sending dozens of powerful d-bees to their deaths at the hands of Coalition interrogators and scientists.

Tactics: Hector prefers to keep his distance and offer covering fire from his long-range sniper rifle, picking off those that get too close to his embattled team members. Should the others fall, he is not above fleeing, using the speed offered by his cybernetic enhancements to put some distance between himself and his foes, so he can return and extract vengeance later.

Description: Hector is broad-shouldered, with dark hair and complexion. In battle, he dons a suit of Cyclops armor he took off a dead NGR intelligence operative that had been spying on the Coalition. Otherwise, he prefers loose-fitting pants and shirts.

Author Note: Hector is a standard MARS character build with the Cyber Techno-Warrior package (Heroic rank). He and the others are intended to be a significant challenge for Veteran-ranked player characters. 

Character Sheet