Savage Rifts

Momano Headhunter

Aidan Quinn spent much of his life in Northern Gun and Quebec. Since throwing in with Hector and the start of the Tolkeen War, life's been pretty good .. And profitable. Sure, he lost a limb and that put something of a damper on his psychic abilities, but he's learned to despise the inhuman invaders and channel that hatred into using their own abilities against them (augmented by a little good ol' fashioned tech, of course).


Quinn is one member of a bounty hunting team operating in what was once the Kingdom of Tolkeen. He is a Coalition sympathizer and hunts down d-bees, demons, and other non-human "monsters" for the bounty. The trio is known for their bloodlust and they're just as happy to bring their quarry in dead as they are alive, especially if the bounty is the same. He and his compadres can be encountered operating throughout the Great Lakes wilderness, especially when their bounty is a team of former Tolkeen militants continuing to harass Coalition mop-up operations.

Tactics: Quinn is a close-up fighter and prefers to surprise other psychics, assisted by cover fire from Hector. He typically strikes with technological weapons (such as his forearm blades) first, before finishing his prey off with the psi-blade - nobody expects the augmented human to possess psychic abilities, much less be proficient with them. He never fights fair, using every dirty trick in the book, along with a few of his own.

Description: Aidan is lean and toned, his hair is the color of carmelized onions and his emerald green eyes draw the attention from his numerous scars. He wears simple dark combat fatigues over his armor plating and the perpetual scowl on his face is enough to turn away most challengers.

GM Note: Aidan Quinn was modeled after the Momano Headhunter OCC (see Rifts Canada for details). While many focus on adding new Iconic Frameworks, I find that I can accomplish most of my concept using what's already there (the Tattooed Men being the first exception). Aidan was created using the MARS Personal Concept Option. He was originally used as an NPC villain in my Tolkeen War Saga campaign and overall I was happy with his performance. This character is a Veteran rank.

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