Allies & Adversaries

Sho Yamato

This is a character that I was never able to start playing, but was meant for a Phase World PBeM that never got off the ground. I seem to have hit a few of those.


Little is known about Sho Yamato and his past. Even less seems to be known about his present. Sho was the member of the Yamato family in the Ishihara Clan. By was, I mean that he was dishonored and excommunicated from the clan. During the trial, after which he was to be executed, Yamato executed his own miraculous escape, killing several of the clan guards on the way out. By doing so, he has dishonored his family until such a time that he is…dealt with… by his family.

He is currently hunted by his father and eldest brother. Though they believe him somewhere in the Anvil Galaxy, on one of the many rogue worlds near the edge of the galaxy, his whereabouts remain unknown, for the time being.

But to truly understand Sho Yamato and the murderer he has become, one must understand his past. He was born and raised in the Oni tradition inside the Bushi Federation and under the laws of the Consortium of Civilized Worlds. While most beings living under the conditions and given the education provided by the Zaibatsu's in the Bushi Federation have become productive members of society, Sho was an outcast. He always was. From the time he was a young oni, striving to master the martial arts, he was teased and picked on for his height (he was always short for an Oni). Eventually, this drew him over the edge, driving him to commit crimes against his fellow Oni and crimes against the Bushi Federation.

The schoolyard fights were discarded, believed only to be the typical behavior (though a bit extreme, still) for a youngster. Thus, his silent cries for help went ignored. By the time Sho was 15, he had mastered the Oni Martial Arts, fighting only to defend himself after spending years learning self-control. During his later years of education, particularly those learning the trade of space fighter piloting in order to serve in the Bushi Federation Armed Forces, he came again into conflict, seeing the hardships and consequences of war and the decisions of the high-ranking officers. Moreso, he saw the corporations' wallets get fatter with each passing day due to the selling of weapons and armaments for the purpose of destroying others (though most, even the CCW, would not see it that way). Finally, turning to industrial espionage, he was hired by an unknown person or group to steal secrets and plans regarding a new prototype fighter. Unfortunately, he was caught.

When tried and found guilty, his family was dishonored, no longer able to participate in the Clan's activities until the regained face. Yamato was sentenced to death, dishonorable death. Seppuku.

He was guarded day and night while preparations were made for him to commit suicide. But on the final night, the guards stood over him and, instead of plunging the blade into his own chest, he cut down the guards where they stood, desecrating their corpses with unholy symbols even Sho is unsure of the origins.

Sho left the Bushi Federation aboard a smuggler's ship destined for Center. After having arrived, he booked passage on two separate ships, one to the rim of the Anvil galaxy, the other to the TGE, under an alias to prevent being followed. He endured the troubles that followed him and, eventually, was able to join the Imperial Armed Forces, where he served for half a decade, when he joined the Imperial Secret Police, Intelligence Division.

Since joining, he has left TGE space and is investigating various prospects that the CCW sees as worthy, determining if the TGE should act first. He was given a new identity among the Oni corporate world and has eluded the hunt of his family… So far.


Sho is a very quiet Oni, speaking only when spoken to and only when a response is deserved and/or required. He, like most Oni, has a bit of superiority complex when it comes to other races, particularly humans and humanoids. He views them as weak and undeserving of his respect, but will certainly give it once they have earned it. His arrogance usually comes off only as an insistence to be called Yamato-san by anyone his is introduced to or introduces himself to (i.e. "My name is Sho Yamato. YOU may call Yamato-san."). In fact, he rarely answers to anything but Yamato-san these days.


Yamato stands 7 feet, 8 inches tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He always wears his Plasticene armor, which is fashioned as a business suit and wearing his sunglasses (in order to record any information that might be useful for transmission back to TGE High Command). Inside his suit jacket he wears his HI-10 in a shoulder holster. When traveling, he has a large briefcase which holds his GR-15 and its accessories, as well as any other equipment and personal belongings he is traveling with.. This is an armored briefcase (to prevent too much hassle) and is locked by voice recognition (Recognizes the word: "Open").


1. (B) Keep your word of honor to other good people, but not necessarily bad people.
By good people, Yamato-san will keep his word to anyone who is deemed worthy of that honor. The TGE High Command automatically receives that honor, others must earn it. Non-Oni have the hardest time earning his respect.

2. (D) Lie & Cheat if you feel it's necessary
And in his line of work, boy is it necessary! He will lie his way out of any situation and cheat anyone out of information if it furthers his mission from TGE High Command.

3. (B) Not kill unarmed foes, but will take advantage of one.
His Oni sense of honor keeps nagging at him whenever he is confronted with killing an unarmed foe. Luckily, he's usually able to override the urge to do good and simply beat the crap out of them until they're unconscious, thus removing the threat in a more "civilized" manner.

4. (A) Never harm innocents
Yamato-san will do everything he can to ensure the safety of innocent bystanders. If they were involved in the war, somehow, he'd be much more inclined to let them die, but they are merely the victims of circumstance and do not deserve such a dishonorable death.

5. (C) Not torture unless absolutely necessary.
Yamato-san has a distaste for torture, but can be quite good at it when the situation calls. He only tortures to get information that could not be gained any other way. If someone proves too difficult in divulging details, but there is another way to get it (even if it's harder), he would rather give them a quick, honorable death.

6. (A) Never kill for pleasure.
Yamato-san only kills because his line of work calls for it. He most certainly does it readily, but prefers to gather his information without unnecessary bloodshed (it's much quieter that way).

7. (C) Not likely to help someone without some ulterior motive.
Sometimes, just sometimes, he has to help someone, otherwise he might blow his cover. But he's certainly willing to let someone die on the battlefield so that he can live to fight another day.

8. (E) Work with others if it will help you obtain personal goals
He works with others, especially the "lesser" races, because he has to, not because he wants to. Luckily, he is able to suppress his prejudice enough to not alienate everyone he comes across.

9. (F) Respect honor and self-discipline
Luckily for him, honor is serving the TGE High Command and self-discipline is sticking to the regulations that get the information they need to carry on their war against the CCW.

10. (B) Possibly betray a friend.
It depends on how good of a friend the person is. If it were a woman, almost definitely not (unless it meant he got to keep his life). Others, especially "lesser" races, are usually fair game. But a good reason must be provided for him to betray someone he considers a true friend.


GR-15AR3D4/1D4x10/2D4x102000 ft.30
HI-10 H.L.P.3D6+31000 ft.15


Armor: Norcross-LaRoy Plasticene Armor (50 MDC, no prowl penalty) - Made to look like an earth Business Suit (6 month operation per power cell)

Equipment: Hand computer (similar in design to a Palm V), Surveillance Kit (wireless mic [Ghz frequency], tracer bug, digital document camera w/ cable for downloading to hand comp, micro-video recorder attached to sunglasses [6 hour battery life/record time]), Disguise Kit (makeup, voice synthesizer [for matching voice patterns]), 4 extra e-clips, 2 extra magazines for GR-15, 5 extra armor power cells.

Identification: Citizenship papers for CCW (not forged), passport for Terra Prime (and several other worlds in CCW space), fake documentation about being Manager at Xingua Corp [corporation in Bushi Federation].

Hand to Hand Combat Damage:
Punch: 2D6+13 SDC
Kick: 2D8+13 SDC
Power Punch: 1 MD (2 attacks)
Leap Kick: 1 MD (2 attacks)
Karate Kick: 1D8+13 SDC
Jump Kick: 1D8x2+13 SDC
Special: Entangle, critical on natural 20