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Nikolas Dimiye

This is a character I made for a PBP game some time ago that I had to drop out of due to time constraints. The background is a bit tailored to that game, but he's an interesting character nonetheless. He was last seen in a wilderness assault against a large group of brodkil demons.


Nikolas was born in a small village in the Steppe lands of Mother Russia. Though he is not a full blood Cossack, his family and the rest of the village get along with the Cossacks quite well. Festivals were held, hunting was good, life was good. That was all destroyed in a matter of minutes when the demons came. Led by an unknown human, though Nikolas swears it was an evil sorcerer, the demons killed everyone in the village and, those that were able (humanoid enough in form), raped the women. Nikolas was able to escape only by hiding beneath the foundation of his home as it burned to the ground. Even as he watched, knowing there was nothing he could do, he gritted his teeth, swearing vengeance. After the demons and sorcerer had made their way out of the village, Nikolas crawled out from his hiding place and wandered about the town, finding not one soul still alive. He was ten years old.

Nikolas wandered the wilderness for only a day before finding a band of Cossacks. He explained what had happened. One of the Cossacks took the young boy back to their camp, while the rest went after the band of demons and their sorcerous leader. The band never returned. Nikolas continued to live with the Cossacks and, when he was old enough, began to study under a Slayer. Finishing his studies, he became quite efficient at killing any manner of supernatural creatures. He rarely distinguishes between good and evil supernatural beings, killing most no matter what they may have done in the past. This has gotten him exiled from more than one Russian village. It has also earned him the attention of the Warlords. The Warlords watch him, especially Seriyev and Orloff, but have not bothered to contact him. They seem to only make sure he is not a threat to their power. None of them know his current whereabouts.

After leaving the Cossacks behind and moving on to his own life, Nikolas began to save his money, buying the weapons he needed to take on the supernatural. He worked his way north and west, out of the Warlords domain and into the Sovietski. One day, he was tracking a particularly vile group of demons that had been plaguing outlying villages in the Sovietski. He stumbled into an ambush and barely escaped, but not before taking three of the five demons (which he later discovered were Brodkil) out. Noting that they may have been part of a larger group, he tracked them back to a large gathering of at least a hundred. Amazed that any group of demons could be so organized, he chose to pass by for now, but fight them as best he could.

Eventually he found himself in the Tarnow kingdom, resupplying and getting ready for another trek through the wilderness. While in one of the stores, he noticed a sign: Despise the Gargoyles? Need some cash? Well, why not join Damage, Inc. and make a living while ridding the world of evil. For more information, come to "The Toe Tag" in Frankfurt-am-Hein, New German Republic. Ask for Simon. Why not? Nikolas figured. Mere days later, he found himself in The Toe Tag, asking about Simon.

His reasoning behind the whole idea of joining a mercenary company was that when finished, he'd had enough money to buy all the supplies he would need and, most likely, enough to hire some help to conduct his own private war against the Brodkil he saw, and the demons plaguing Mother Russia.


Nikolas is, like all Slayers, tight-lipped and quite serious. He loves his life, his job (as he refers to Demon Slaying), and parties. Unfortunately, his years in training have caused him to become somewhat distant. He knows that many demons are shapechangers and thus, does not trust people easily. He may never truly trust anyone, no matter how long he has known the person. He believes that not all d-bees are evil, and he even leaves them alone, unless they are sorcerers. He abhors sorcerers of all kinds and eliminates them ("removes the mystic gene from the pool" as he often says) whenever he can. When it comes to supernatural creatures, including demons, sub-demons, and even gods, he will kill them if he can. He is not stupid, however, and will not get into a fight he knows he cannot win. He is indifferent towards creatures of magic, but will kill them should they harm any innocents.


Nikolas is a broad-shouldered man, with brown hair and gray eyes. Often times he is not cleanly shaven, with a few days stubble on his face. He seems charismatic, but, because of his distrusting attitude, cold and merciless. This is quite untrue and he gets along quite well with his friends, though he is completely merciless in combat, especially when combating demons. He wears blue denim jeans, a black t-shirt, hiking boots, and black gloves underneath his body armor.

Equipment: travelling clothes (Black demin jeans, black t-shirt, hiking boots, flannel shirt), silk robe, gloves, 30 feet of rope, 2 large sacks, 4 small sacks, backpack, bedroll, water skin, 13 days rations, 6 wooden stakes, mallet, small silver cross

Body Armor:
Lynx Body Armor
60 MDC
40 MDC Helmet
-5% to all skills requiring agility
Sound amplification unit (same as cybernetic unit)
Battleforge Body Armor
90 MDC
60 MDC Helmet
-20% to prowl
Small storage compartment (2 inches deep) in forearm


G-27P Ion Pistol (2)4d6 M.D.500'20
G-294R Laser Rifle3d6 M.D.1600'20
TX-5 Pump Pistol4d6 M.D.500'5
Riot-Control ShotgunVaries1600'10
Survival Knife1d6 S.D.C.HTH/30'---
Vibro-Sword2d6 M.D.HTH---
Globe of Daylight
Turn Dead
Armor of Ithan
Fire Bolt
Fire Ball
Call Lightning
Targeted Deflection
Ricochet Strike
Magic Net
Magic Pigeon
Magic Shield
Fists of Fury


200 rounds of silver shot
(4d6 S.D.C. to mortals, 1d6x10 to vampires and were creatures,
4d6 M.D. to demons vulnerable to silver
50 extra M.D. rounds for TX-5
6 e-clips

Tradable Goods
600 credits in jewelry
600 credits in furs
800 credits in whittled goods