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Pedro was born and raised in Omagua. He lived in the slums all his life and dreamed of becoming rich and living the good life. He eventually worked his way out of Omagua, sneaking away into the jungle late one night. He wandered west for a time, treading cautiously around the Arkon territory, north into the Incan kingdom. From there, he found his way to a port city and stowed away on board.


Not knowing where the ship was heading, but knowing that it had to be better that where he had been. After hiding in the cargo hold for a few days, he began to explore when he could, avoiding the crew so he wouldn't get thrown into the sea. Upon inspection of the crates, he found that they were filled with weapons, armor and other machinations of war. He carefully removed one weapon and grabbed several e-clips as well as what he thought was a simply ammunition belt.

When he went back to his hiding place, he found two crew members staring back at him with angry looks. Not knowing what else to do, he used his new found weapon as an intimidation device, along with his own feline instincts. He forced the captain to drop him off at the next port city. The captain reluctantly agreed. Once he was ashore, the captain threatened him, saying that if they ever crossed paths again, only one would walk away.

Pedro ignored the threat, knowing that he would never see the man again, and made his way inland, moving from city to city until he found one that suited him. It took several months, but he finally found himself settling into the city of Tolkeen. Just days after arriving Tolkeen came under siege by the Coalition States. Pedro had no choice but to stay in the city. He lived on the streets stealing what he could and making contacts with anyone he could in the underworld, eventually building enough contacts to begin bringing in supplies and smuggling necessities and weapons inside the borders. He has made quite a lucrative life since.


Pedro is quiet, belying his intelligence. He is an expert at escape and will only fight if there is no way out. When he is forced to fight, he fights with the ferocity of the very cat from which he is bred. When talking business, he is careful, never completely trusting the potential client. When encountered elsewhere, he is friendly, though always on guard.


Pedro is a mutant cat known as a felinoid from the city of Omagua. He is covered in short, yellow fur with black spots. He wears plain black pants, a flannel shirt, moccasins and a military style hat. To keep from leaving evidence anywhere, he covers his hands in black leather gloves. Pedro is over six feet tall and heavy build, but remains very agile and fast. He has a tendency to purr when happy and snarl when upset.

True Name: Pedro Salazar IQ 18 Sex: Male PPE: 0 ISP: 73
Name: Sal ME 19 Height: 6'3" Weight: 203 lbs
Alignment: Unprincipled
Hit Points: 43 SDC: 20
Environment: Large City w/ magic & psionics
Level: 6 PP 20 Family Origin: Argentina
OCC: Smuggler
Occupation: Black Marketeer in Tolkeen
Sentiments Toward CS/NGR: Hates them for the persecution of non-humans
      Disposition: Calm and collected at all times; only fights when cornered


OCC Skills%%/lvl OCC Related%%/lvl Special Abilities
Literacy: Spanish 85 5 Pilot: Hovercraft 80 5 Horror Factor 9
Language: Spanish 95 5 Pilot: Helicopter 60 5 Nightvision 200ft
Language: American 95 5 Pilot: Tanks & APCs 61 4
Language: Euro 95 5 Computer Programming 65 5 Saving Throws
Language: Dragonese 95 5 Computer Hacking 40 5 Spell +1
Math: Basic 100 5 Navigation 65 5 Ritual +1
Detect Ambush 70 5 Literacy: American 75 5 Insanity +2
Detect Concealment 60 5 Surveillance Systems 65 5 Toxins +1
Escape Artist 60 5   Psionics +2
Disguise 65 5   Drugs +1
Concealment 50 4   Pain
Palming 55 5   Poisons +1
Streetwise 56 4   Perception +0
Radio: Basic 85 5   Coma +5%
Radio: Scramblers 65 5
Computer Operations 80 5
Cryptography 65 5


Secondary Skills % +%/lvl  Psionics
Weapon Systems 55 5   See Aura
First Aid 70 5   Impervious to Poisons
Lore: D-bee 50 5   Alter Aura
Lore: Demon/Monster 50 5   See Aura

Hand to Hand: Basic

Bonuses: 3 Attacks per Melee, +6 to Damage, +4 to Strike, +5 to Parry, +5 to Dodge, +2 to Roll w/ punch fall or impact, +2 on Initiative, +4 (aimed) or +2 (burst) to strike with Energy Pistols, Energy Rifles, or Heavy Energy Weapons.

Weapons & Armor: Wears an N-F40A Naruni Force Field, and is typically armed with an NG-E12 Plasma Ejector, NG-5LP Laser Pistol, and TX-5 loaded with U-Rounds.

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