Allies & Adversaries

Johann Krieger

Johann was born into a prominent business family. Unfortunately, Johann yearned for knowledge, not the hobnobbing and kissing ass of the business world. When he was fifteen, he left home. He lived on the streets, gathering as many books and learning as much as he could. Eventually, the knowledge was not enough to keep him alive and he needed to start stealing to make a living and eat from day to day. It started small, picking pockets, occasionally robbing a small store.

After a few years, he began to increase his savings, hoping to make a small fortune so he could eventually retire. He began to hit museums, stealing pre-rifts artifacts and expensive modern items. On one such heist, things went awry and he was forced to flee from the police. He managed to evade them, eventually, and found himself looking on the streets for a new source of an identity. This led him to Danielle's workshop. Unfortunately, this also led the police to Danielle's workshop. They were forced to flee together and found that they like one another. Together, they created themselves a new identity and got married. Since then, they have worked their way up through the levels of aristocracy and become a prominent family. So prominent, in fact, that the NGR government believes that there is no way that they could be responsible for any criminal operations, which they use to their advantage.

They made a good life and a large network of contacts and distributors so that they could sell most anything, pre-rifts artifacts, modern art, weapons, drugs. They now have a family and have since retired, leaving the family business in the capable hands of their eldest daughter, and the protection of their two sons.


Johann is a strong-willed, but hates to fight. He lived by knowing when to take a quick shot to kill the person and when to run away from a fight. He is intelligent and cunning, always able to come up with a plan at the last possible moment. This intelligence has saved him more than once.


Johann is 56 years old, with graying hair and gray eyes. He prefers to look respectable, always wearing a button-up shirt of some type, khaki pants and tennis shoes. He frequently combines this with a baseball cap. For protection in the city, he wears a mega-damage trench coat. When attending formal gatherings, he will wear a tuxedo or a business suit.