Allies & Adversaries

Danielle Krieger

Danielle was born a street urchin and has worked her way up from the bottom. She stole what money she could at first, hoarding it until she had enough to buy the equipment she would need. It took a few years and long criminal record, but she finally saved the money she needed and bought art equipment, and special forgery tools, as well as a computer to aid in her work.

After that, things were simple. She made herself a new identity and erased her old. She met Johann when he was in need of forged identification in order to escape the NGR police. She happily forged everything he needed, but was unable to finish with enough time to get Johann away from her workshop. They ran from the police, finally evading them. They came to like each other and began courting. Soon after they married and built another life for themselves, slowly rising in prominence in the New German Republic.


Danielle pays a lot of attention to detail, her job has always required that. She often notices things that her husband and even her daughter and sons don't notice. Though outwardly she appears friendly, this is often a ploy. She rarely trusts anyone outside her own family and network of suppliers and buyers, almost to the point of paranoia. Once you have gained her trust, she is friendly and open, though she never speaks of her past.


Danielle is a 51 year old woman, though she looks to be in her late thirties or early forties. She is healthy and fit, with her hair only beginning to turn silver. Her eyes are icy blue and some would think they can look right into your soul. When working, she is typically wearing an ordinary white t-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. When she is required to meet someone, either a potential new client or contact, she dons a pair of leather gloves and a jacket (10 M.D.C.). If attending a formal affair, she wears a blue or black evening gown and a pair of elegant high-heeled shoes.