Allies & Adversaries

Alexandra Krieger

Alexandra was raised by two of the most influential people in the New German Republic. As a result, she always had everything she needed and wanted. When Alex was old enough, she was shown the family business, smuggling. Alex was intrigued because it went against everything she had been taught in the schools, including the association with D-bees. Her parents sympathized with the D-bees and knew that the best way to earn a living was to work with everyone, and Alex was taught this from the beginning. She learned the trade quickly and her parents prosperity grew almost daily.

Eventually her parents retired from begin active and, being the oldest, she took over. Her two brothers acted as bodyguards and enforcers, as well as her protector if a situation went awry. Behind the scenes, her parents continued to advise her on what jobs to take and who to talk to.

In recent years, the wars across the seas have sparked her interest, particularly that of the Coalition States, and ally of her own country. She had learned to loathe the Coalition States in her twenty-six years, and took a decisive action. She approached her parents, requesting permission to begin supplying Tolkeen. Her parents reluctantly agreed. They believed that it was risky, but in the last two years, the Krieger fortune has nearly doubled. For the last two years, Alexandra has worked on making connections with people in North America and headed the expeditions personally in order to ensure the merchandise delivery. Tolkeen has gained a definite edge in the battle against the Coalition and they have Alexandra Krieger to thank for it. The NGR government has no idea that this is the reality and denies, both to themselves and to the Coalition States, that the Krieger family is responsible.


Alexandra is very friendly, even during business deals. She believes that she is doing the right thing and no one could convince her otherwise. She is laid back and is a social person, going to parties and social gatherings with her parents. She goes to some of the most prominent gatherings with government officials and the like simply to maintain her image of respectability. She prefers to go to night clubs and bars on her nights when she has time to relax.


Alexandra is a beautiful woman with long, blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is typically seen wearing a turtleneck and denim jeans (though many people wonder how she breathes because they are so tight). She always wears her hiking boots, except to formal functions, and a long trenchcoat. No one knows that the trenchcoat is actually mega-damage (30 M.D.C.) so that she can appear to look vulnerable. When attending formal gatherings, she wears a long black evening gown, pearl earrings and high-heeled shoes, exposing her beautiful body a bit more than her parents would like.